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M.I.C. 10

M.I.C. 10

2 High Chronicles: 100%THC

2 High Chronicles: 100%THC


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Please Share....Period Overview Metric Value Metric Value Total tracks 440 track(s) Peak listeners 22 listener(s) Unique tracks 193 track(s) Peak track jason mask – Where Eva Average per hour 2.62 track(s) Peak time Aug 04, 2017 07:05 PM Average length 10 mins, 1 sec   Most Popular Tracks (by Connections per Minute) Track Total Airtime Net Conn. Conn./Min 1. Counterstrike and Silent Kille – ... Read More »

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Sell Your Music On 2 High media

Please Share....As simple as it sounds. Sell your music here. for your price. We will take 0%. Before you make a purchase. Please contact us so we can both have things ready to go. Get download/coupon codes for extra.

July 25, 2017 0


Artist/Label Website

Please Share....Website creation for artist, label, or club. Set up similar to 2 High Media. You provide all your content Domain name (free) Unlimited Space Unlimited Traffic Unlimited Sub-Domains 100 Unique email accounts 1 year maintenance 1 year support Shared server As well as a bunch of other ... Read More »

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OUT NOW- TopLeft Recordings Presents: M.ade I.n C.anada Volume 10

Please Share....DOWNLOAD Individual MP3s DOWNLOAD Mixed by DJ Law TopLeft Recordings Presents M.ade I.n C.anada Volume 10 Mixed by: #DJLaw Mastered by: #QuarterInchKings Release date: July, 18, 2017 Sponsored by: #HipHopCanada #Pwrmoves #100MilesBrand #2HighMedia #TheHomeInvasionRadioShow 1. Theo 3 2.Staalin 3.Adam Bomb 4.Citizen Kane x 36 Cypher 5.Daniel Son x Saipher Soze 6.360 7.ES 8. Chris Thomas x Rekless Christ 9.T Gramz 10.Dre Barrs 11.Noyz 12.Acetik 13.Lee Ricks 14.Che Uno 15.Kingcon 16. ... Read More »

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OUT NOW: 2 High Chronicles: 100% THC vol.1

Please Share.... 2 High Media’s 3rd compilation release featuring artist from around the world. This is the 1st release  in this new series of releases to come.   2 High Chronicles: 100% THC Vol.1 Tweets by 2Highmedia

July 11, 2017 0

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