OUT NOW- TopLeft Recordings Presents: M.ade I.n C.anada Volume 10

Please Share....DOWNLOAD Individual MP3s DOWNLOAD Mixed by DJ Law TopLeft Recordings Presents M.ade I.n C.anada Volume 10 Mixed by: #DJLaw Mastered by: #QuarterInchKings Release date: July, 18, 2017 Sponsored by: #HipHopCanada #Pwrmoves #100MilesBrand #2HighMedia #TheHomeInvasionRadioShow 1. Theo 3 2.Staalin 3.Adam Bomb 4.Citizen Kane x 36 Cypher 5.Daniel Son x Saipher Soze 6.360 7.ES 8. Chris Thomas x Rekless Christ 9.T Gramz 10.Dre Barrs 11.Noyz 12.Acetik 13.Lee Ricks 14.Che Uno 15.Kingcon 16. ... Read More »

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Undetectable Bomber – “It Was All For Crumbs”

Please Share....Undetectable Bomber – “It Was All For Crumbs” Dir. Joe Cash Prod. Think HQ DL-WAV/AAC/MP3 Follow Us @ Undetectable Bomber Joe Cash Think Beats

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Northern Hospitality By D.O. Gibson

Please Share.... “Northern Hospitality” is the latest release from D.O. Gibson. The single is the first from D.O.’s forthcoming seventh album Seeds and Dominoes. The inspiration for the song came from an event that the veteran rapper and business exec organized in ... Read More »

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New Radio Submissions

Please Share....                     ( window.MSReady = window.MSReady || ).push( function( $ ) { "use strict"; var masterslider_c94e = new MasterSlider(); // slider controls masterslider_c94e.control('arrows' ,{ autohide:true, overVideo:true }); masterslider_c94e.control('thumblist' ,{ autohide:false, overVideo:true, dir:'h', speed:17, inset:false, arrows:false, ... Read More »

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Es – We Are Only Getting Older

Please Share.... “We Are Only Getting Older” album is officially out now. Hope you enjoy it. I had a blast making it. Your support is greatly appreciated. #Es #WeAreOnlyGettingOlder #Hiphop “We Are Only Getting Older” is a reflective album that explores ... Read More »

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2 High Media