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Lozinky has had a passion for music from a young age being involved in music youth courses and going to college to pass her Music Technology course as well as teaching kids how to rap & sing at local youth centres in Liverpool.
Not only can Lozinky rap and sing but she plays the piano and the drums as well as produce and DJ and knows her way around the studio.
From as early as 16 year’s old Lozinky has performed all over Liverpool in clubs, Bars and Coffee shops, The Picket, Esperanto’s, Bumper and she has supported the likes of Royzy Rothschild and Rich Quick, Miss Stylie, Wu Tang and Devlin.
Lozinky came through youth projects her self creating music videos and music and being a part of the Wac Arts Project too. Lozinky has also done a small bit of modelling too so she isn’t one to shy away from the camera.
In 2015 Lozinky signed to Big Condo Records and she featured in the labels collective track which is called cupid to catch ye. The track made it to no.1 on Canadian radio show also she went on to do interviews with BBC as the song went on for world wide exposure.
Then she had her new summer smash hit single called Summer Emotions which has been played all over the world.
Now she hits us with her new single Nightlife which is self produced and a good feel all around story she hopes you like it.


Record Label-Digital Distribution-Promo https://t.co/ao6VVBNI0E https://t.co/z42xwYJvLT https://t.co/18WzvSaVCE https://t.co/ZFhAUjXY7L


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