Ceno – Say My Name [AUDIO]

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Artist genre:

Rap / Hip-Hop
R&B / Soul
United States
Record label:
One Label Ent


Ceno is a hip-hop artist hailing from Los Angeles, California.

Growing up around heavy gang culture, Ceno found his true inspiration in music. From a young age, his mother used to teach him through song, and he grew up surrounded by different genres of music in his home – anything from country music to hip hop.
Despite Ceno’s love for music and his intelligence, he dropped out of school at seventeen and began selling drugs. After a five year stint in prison for armed robbery, Ceno’s life had changed and he decided to finally follow his real love and passion in life, music.

Ceno recently released a mix tape earlier this year, and has a highly anticipated upcoming single due to be released this month.

Let the music tell you the rest of the story and find out more:

(soundcloud.com/ceno700  Twitter.com/ceno700 youtube.com/ceno700 instagram.com/ceno700)

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