Featured Producer – Seconds Out Productions

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Seconds Out Productions
Bournemouth, UK
Live In:
London, UK


What interested you in started to produce?
I did a music production course where I learnt how to use Cubase. I caught the buzz from there really and just progressed onto different software and hardware.

Who is your inspiration ?

What style of productions would you say your music is?
It’s a bit of boom bap, trip hop and anything that sounds a bit out there!

When did you begin producing?
Early 2000’s

When you feel stuck, what helps you move forward when producing?
Having a break and chilling for a bit. Not letting myself get frustrated. Then going back to it with a clear, fresh outlook.

Who, in your opinion, are the five greatest producers of all times?
I’m a fan of music so I’m going to mix it up across all genres here. George Martin. J-Dilla. Butch Vig. Rza. DJ Premier.

What does it take to be a great producer?
A good ear. An open mind to trying and creating new things. A love for music and PATIENCE haha!

When producing, go many times do you throw away a product or start from scratch?
Every now and again I’ll go through the hard drive and get rid of beats I’ve started and have just been sat there and I really feel like I can’t go anywhere with them. But usually I’ll try and work on them and change it so it sounds fresh and I’m able to finish it into something I like.

What’s the most annoying part about being a producer?

I guess it would be when you’ve got some creativity inside that needs to get out but nothing’s happening when you try and get it out! It then takes discipline to go and work on the harder not so fun aspects of producing.

What’s the most uplifting part about being a producer?
When the ideas flow and get captured and you end up with a piece of music that you love.