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Name: Theo small

Stage Name: T.Major

From: Toronto

Lives: Toronto


1) what interests me into doing music?
I found my self on house arrest back in 2004 and I had a friend that made beats on the computer that use to come visit me every day and because I don’t play videogames I asked him to show me what he’s doing on the computer so I can occupy my time rather than just watching TV

2) who is my inspiration?
Well now my inspiration is any producer making real moves in the music  business now I like everyone from 808 mafia especially Sonny Digital and SouthSide back when I started it was 9th wonder and funny enough the Heatmakers at the same time 2 different sounds but both really inspired me 9th wonder with how he mad beats on FL Studio before anyone took it seriously and Heatmakers MPC style sampling and it was the first time I seen the MPC in action on a smack DVD and it blew my mind I got one the following month

3)what style of production is my style?
None …”ain’t no father to my style” as ODB use to say… I strive to be different if everyone is going left I’m going right, I’ll make east coast hard sample beats them I’ll make south style original beats or I’ll fuse them to the point you can’t tell what it is it’s just a fresh sound

4) when did you begin producing?
I began producing in 2004 then I when to school for engineering and recording in 2006 and been doing my thing since 2008 independently

5)when I’m stuck what help me to move forward in producing?
My fans and supporters asking me when I’m coming with another single, video, project or performance that really inspires to get in the lab and do more work, other than that when trying to make a beat and I can’t I’ll listen to music work on some old beats or listen to records(samples) maybe I might hear something that will spark an idea

6)who are my top 5 producers of all time?
JDilla, DJ Premier, DR Dre, Marley Marl, and RZA and I’m basing this off raw talent and influence on pop culture these producers shaped the sound of  hip Hop music down to the way it was heard, constructed, and viewed.

7) what does it take to be a great producer?
First off I believe you have to be humble and always have a student mentality always work on your craft and push yourself to do and try different things as for as what you usually do and as far as what is going on with production for that time period. Try to bring something new to the table don’t be a sheep and follow the rest be a innovator and a trailblazer and that will separate you from the rest

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