(1hr) Best Korean Hip Hop / Rap Mix #1 (K Hip Hop)

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Top 12 Korean hip hop songs. Kpop, Khiphop. Best Korean hip hop mix.

Profile – Beenzino
Boogie on and on – Beenzino
몸매 (Mommae) – J Park
무례하게 (No Manners) – Loco
Riatch – 도끼 (Dok2)
Mr. Indipendent 2 – 도끼 (Dok2)
111% – 도끼 (Dok2)
사이먼 도미닉 – Simon Dominic
이리와봐 – Masta Wu, Dok2, Bobby
연결고리 (YGGR) – Illionaire
Born Hater – Rappers All Star
힐끔힐끔 – 1, 도끼 (Dok2), 더 콰이엇 (The Quiett)

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