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24/08/2017 Bad Habits By Hard Trix

Bad Habits By Hard Trix

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Heath Cherry, Aka, Hard Trix. My new album “bad Habits” brings a totally unique type of style to the game. Bad habits is an 8 track album that features a handful of other talented artists. Over the 2 years of writing this album i had been working really hard at trying to bring something unique with the sophisticated clean smooth type of flow and real lyrics that comes along with it. I wanted something that stands out apart from some of the repetitive main stream that we hear every day, i have wide variety of the versatile songs that i have on there. As i was growing up I’ve always been a little too much of a partier and lost a few friends over the years, so i have a few songs reflecting on my life style with some party banger’s but at the same time as i have a few that are full of different emotions and more story telling of the life style and a more uplifting encouraging kind of vibe to let people know that they are not alone through some of the struggles that we go through in life. all The beats on my album were mixed with a talented producer from Vancouver, BC, which they all have their own vibe but are definitely catchy and will get people out of their seat. – Hard trix

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15/08/2017 Nu Brand Flexxx (Peigh, Boya, Saskilla) | SIRI (Prod. By Darq E Freaker) [Music Video]: SBTV

Nu Brand Flexxx (Peigh, Boya, Saskilla) | SIRI (Prod. By Darq E Freaker) [Music Video]: SBTV

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Nu Brand Flexxx hit hard with “SIRI” – A social commentary on the relationship between Police and residents of inner-city areas, through the powerful medium of Grime.

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Metric Value Metric Value
Total tracks 440 track(s) Peak listeners 22 listener(s)
Unique tracks 193 track(s) Peak track jason mask – Where Eva
Average per hour 2.62 track(s) Peak time Aug 04, 2017 07:05 PM
Average length 10 mins, 1 sec


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Top Tracks by Playbacks
Track Playbacks
1. jason mask – Where Eva 17
2. Lee Ricks feat. Die-Rek – Warning (Prod. by Wyze Intellect) 17
3. THC 100 Sooner Or Later – Sooner Or Later (Mastered) 16
4. Rekless Christ/Chris Thomas – Wrong Idea 16
5. Unknown – So Strange 16
6. T Gramz – Solidified (Prod. by Philthy Pro) 16
7. Chris Thomas x Rekless Christ – Back 2 The Rhyme (Prod. by 1DollaProductionz) 14
8. Adam Bomb – Show & Prove (Prod. by Tone Mason) 13
9. Dre Barrs – Pro (Prod. by Dummy Beats) 13
10. THC 100 – 20170105 – J White – Weed Song 13
Top Tracks by Airtime
Track Airtime
1. House of Pain – Back from the Dead 11 hrs, 20 mins, 2 secs
2. Es – Looking, Wishing, Searching (Prod. by Euphonic) 10 hrs, 8 mins, 21 secs
3. Chase & Status – Smash TV 9 hrs, 42 mins, 30 secs
4. THC 100 – Kingz – Rock Nitty (ProdbyBeatbusta x Rock nitty) 9 hrs, 29 mins, 37 secs
5. Jah Mason – never lose the faith 8 hrs, 34 mins, 11 secs
6. Dre Barrs – Pro (Prod. by Dummy Beats) 5 hrs, 14 mins, 41 secs
7. NDRW x Tre Timmons x Vateran Assassins – Top Of The World (Prod. by Nookie Beats) 3 hrs, 26 mins, 59 secs
8. Barrington Levy – Murderer 1 hr, 52 mins, 22 secs
9. Staalin – F.R.W.L. (Prod. by Rushmore Muzic) 1 hr, 8 mins, 53 secs
10. Lee Ricks feat. Die-Rek – Warning (Prod. by Wyze Intellect) 35 mins, 50 secs

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