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28/04/2018 New EP Release For Fxck Wutu

New EP Release For Fxck Wutu

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This Romanian-Canadian just released his brand new EP “Smoke good” on April 20th of 2018. When I interviewed Wutu, his energy and enthusiasm was clear. With “Smoke Good” being released, I am certain he felt a strong sense of achievement. This man has found inspiration in every aspect of his life.

Wutu, was born in Romania. He told me about the wonders and history of his homeland. I can’t help but respect how wittily he portrayed the topic. Wutu was only three years of age when he came over to Canada with his parents. He spent a majority of his childhood in east end Toronto. At age 12, he had been invited to join some older teens to the community center. When he went, he didn’t know he was building the foundation to his career. The young Wutu began learning breakdancing and freestyling. His passions were not only in that style. He loved skateboarding during the day, while listening to various punk rock. All of these things fed into his lifestyle. Eventually, developing his skills for his current career in music industry. With all of these weapons in his arsenal, at 18 his parents had divorced. Even though the life altering event had affected him, he had chosen to allow it to further fuel his passion for hip-hop. This man, Wutu, truly has displayed his strength in his life. Regardless of the circumstances.Now that I’ve shared a bit of his background, I would like to share with you, the insiders of the interview.

When I introduced myself, his demeanor was humble and kind. He had a wondrous sense of humor. With the questions I asked, I wanted something most articles didn’t have (as far as the ones I have read).

The very first thing I wanted to know was where he got his very unique instrumentals. He explained to me “I get my instrumentals from a lot of sources, some are out of country sources, some from private online websites, various producers and in-house producers.” After I asked what in-house meant for him, he iterated that it was Lavish Scum Entertainment.

I then asked him what inspired his new EP “Smoke Good”. It took less than a second for his enthusiastic reply. “Well I want to show people my talents. I know I can produce good music.” He said this with confidence. Yet it wasn’t overbearing, but, I can tell he truly believes it.

I asked how he chose hip hop as a genre, and that’s all in the back story you have read above.

I asked him why he chose 2 High Media Inc. He said “I met Damion at the Central, in a show he was running.” With that alone, I assume the experience was unforgettable. I asked which song he was most confident in and it took a bit of thinking. “I would have to say, ‘Try Me’.” So I asked why. “It is the most marketable and has a mainstream feel to it, while still being my own.”

So now you know the actual interview, I’ll share the most interesting things we talked about while the interview took place. These are just my choice in the most interesting things he had said.

The first thing I want to note is that his girlfriend Holly Danae is featured on track five of “Smoke Good” as the female vocalist. The second interesting statement was that he had also done freestyle rap on online forums.

Finally his statement of my personal favourite was that “I want to be the Bruce lee of hip-hop”. Honestly, let’s see what you can do Wutu.

After everything we went through he requested a shout out to the collective, so here you are below with their Instagram usernames:

Blxck Ixn – @blxck_ixn
Nightmare Nasty – @nightmarenasty
Enzo St. Clair – @enzostclair
Creamie – @creamdellacrem
Lowtalker – @nathanjvmes
Holly Danae – @hollyxdanae

You can check out Fxck Wutu’s new EP in the links below:

Google Play Music:


Check out Lavish Scum Entertainment’s newest video on YouTube:

Signing Off,
Director of Creative Content,
2 High Media Inc.

24/04/2018 The Mighty Rhino’s Drop Track “Resplendent Featuring D-Sisive & Prince Po

The Mighty Rhino’s Drop Track “Resplendent Featuring D-Sisive & Prince Po

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RESPLENDENT – The Mighty Rhino featuring D-Sisive & Prince Po
Lyrics by The Mighty Rhino, D-Sisive and Prince Po
Produced by MisterE
Remix by DJ Usdneedls
“Resplendent” DJ Pack PUBLIC stream and download:
The razzle-dazzlin’est, showstoppin’est star in all of Canadian underground hip-hop returns six long years after notching up Toronto Independent Music Award and International Songwriting Competition nominations for his signature song “Company Policy” from his debut album, He Whom The Beat Sets Free Is Free IndeedThe Mighty Rhino is back on the scene, ready to rip mics, stomp stages and astonish crowds with his stellar sophomore set, We Will No Longer Retreat Into Darkness! Called “electric” by Maclean‘s magazine, “a legend in the making” by Torontoist, and “one of the best things to happen to hip-hop” by Billy Danze of the legendary M.O.P., Rhino is a truly captivating, sui generis artist.ABOUT “RESPLENDENT”

The Mighty Rhino is so very proud to rock and shock your eardrums with his earth-shattering, atom-smashing new single “Resplendent”! Joining him for this explosive endeavour are the Juno– and Polaris Prize-nominated avant-gardist D-Sisive and the legendary ‘90s East Coast titan Prince Po of Organized Konfusion, each true OGs who contribute stellar verses bursting with flavour and élan. But of this powerful rap triumvirate, it might well be Rhino who steals his own show, kicking in the door like Biggie Smalls and bringing the fire with an action-packed, unforgettable 16. With a filthy, disgusting beat by the great MisterE of Backburner, “Resplendent” is a tour de force, bringing the ruckus that’ll turn the party out through sheer unstoppable gale-force impact. #RhinoSalute!
Facebook: @themightyrhino
Twitter: @MightyRhino
Instagram: @MightyRhinoMusicThanks,
Thomas Quinlan
Hand’Solo Records

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