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29/05/2018 MikeAll Presents: MikeAll

MikeAll Presents: MikeAll

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MikeAll is a Scarborough, Ontario native and Hip Hop educator.  His goal is to put the poet back into Rhythm And Poetry.


“Mike All” is the third solo release by MikeAll and final installment in the Mike series trilogy.  It is his most personal and political album yet with songs that explore his spiritual faith journey as well as topical events.  MikeAll truly gives his all on this curtain call album. 






Anthem for AfriCanadians (Produced by Royce Birth).

Eh Plus:

Spitting EH game raps (Produced by Matrix Logic).

Just for the Record:

Vinyl tribute track (Produced by Royce Birth).

HipHop Hustle:

Anthem for HipHop Culture (Produced by & featuring Hamilton MC-BBoy Trx).

Mic Issues:

Playful exploration of “art imitating life imitating art” (Produced by Surge Cess.  Featuring vocals by Tracey Soman & NoMC on saxophone).

26/05/2018 Check Out Primal Winds Single”Gun Slinger Ft MadChild”

Check Out Primal Winds Single”Gun Slinger Ft MadChild”

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Primordial Emcee is releasing his third album alongside rapper-producer Iron Wind as Primal Winds. Like their two previous albums, the duo are self-releasing the new one on their own Primal Winds Records imprint, and they’re honouring John Wayne, a big inspiration for this album, by releasing the new album on his birthday: Saturday, May 26.
We would absolutely love it if you could give the Cut You Down a listen (or check the videos linked below) and if you like what you hear, perhaps you could provide some plays on your show. Everything necessary can be found below, but if you should need anything else please feel free to reach out. Thanks!
About Primal Winds:
Primal Winds rides again! On their debut album, T-Dot Stand-Up, released February 2017, Primordial Emcee and Iron Wind rode the rollercoaster called life, with all their relationship and economic troubles laid bare, and on sophomore album Give No Quarter, released in July of that same year, the two rode the high seas as swashbuckling pirates. And now Primal Winds rides their horses into another wild adventure of metaphorical storytelling that will take the listener to places visited by some of the deadliest outlaws in western history. Cut You Down features Canadian rap legends Madchild (of Swollen Members) and D-Sisive, as well as frequent collaborators royceBirthFortunatoWarrzoneChief 4syt and Alexa Ourania.
Video – “Cut You Down” ft Alexa Ourania:
Video – “Gunslinger” ft. Madchild:
Twitter: @Primal_Winds
Facebook: @PrimaWinds
Instagram: primalwindsmusic
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