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2Rude speaks with Arts Fortune & Fame pt.1

Written by on 01/11/2016

Arts Fortune & Fame speaks with Toronto music legend and 4x platinum selling music producer 2Rude of Rudimental Records. 2 Rude speaks on his Jamaican background, learning music from a rock and roll perspective, the influence businesses like Play De Record in Toronto had on his career and the music industry in the city plus touches on subjects like branding and shares his experience about doing remixes for major labels and much more.

We also get a break down of the of how the Canadian hip hop classic “Stick To Your Vision” record by Toronto OG Meastro Fresh Wes came together and how 2 Rude got to meet members of the legendary rock and roll band The Guess Who at the Juno awards.

*This interview aims to pay homage to one of the originators of the Canadian urban music industry and recognizes them for their various achievements and successes but more importantly is to say thank you for their efforts in building a strong foundation and path way for the following generations of Canadian talent.


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