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06/11/2018 Check Out Mix and Mastering Service By Determinate

Check Out Mix and Mastering Service By Determinate

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Mix – it is process that begins after all tracks have been recorded and edited as separate items. The mix consist of many processes, such as the levels settings, eq, stereo panning, adding effects and small adjustments in the relations between the different instruments in the song. Mixing has a huge impact on the way in the end song to play and what dramatic impact it will have a listeners.

02/11/2018 Whatevski – Cult Classics (album)

Whatevski – Cult Classics (album)

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Evgeniy Whatevski is more than a spiritual guide. He is the renowned sound guru that has dedicated his life to obtaining deeper understanding of the esoteric nature of
sound and music and he is eager to share this knowledge with his followers. His new record, Cult Classics, was assembled deep within the caves of his secret
compound where he and his sect spend their days meditating, listening to, and recording music in an attempt to link sound frequencies and audio vibrations with the
human consciousness and our physical realities.




“Boogie Man” is the first single from the upcoming Whatevski album, Cult Classics, set to drop Friday, November 2, 2018 on Hand’Solo Records. Inspired by the
classic writing styles of the Brothers Grimm, “Boogie Man” is constructed in a way that will spook children as well as adults alike. Sure to stay at the top of your
playlist this Halloween season. The DJ Pack comes with two remixes, plus the instrumental and acapella of the original, all free for download.

“BOOGIE MAN” DJ PACK (stream/download):

02/11/2018 Stay Up To Date, And Radio Stats For October 2018

Stay Up To Date, And Radio Stats For October 2018

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Click the above link to stay up to date with news from 2 High Media. You will get a little  ding on your screen, and phone.  thanks for all the support from the artist.

Now for our Radio Play Stats for Oct, 18. Shout out to all artist that made it in the top ten charts on the radio. As well that over 30 new tracks have been put into rotation. So don’t forget to tune in to our online radio.


Top Tracks by Playbacks
Track Playbacks
1. Kay – How That Goes Version 25
2. Gabriel – Summer Snow 22
3. Shiest – Lucy 19
4. Shiest – Our Time 16
5. Lifetime ft Tre – D 16
6.  Champion by Jerusalem Scarfella Music 16
7. Dirty White Boys – Been Nice 12
8. The Quarter Inch Kings x Fish – It Ain’t Right 10
9. Unknown 8
10. Spoda – 50 Clip 5

Top Tracks by Airtime
Track Airtime
1. Gabriel – Summer Snow 1 day, 20 hrs, 24 mins
2. Yorkshire Tea Party – Captain Of My Ship Original Mix 1 day, 15 hrs, 55 secs
3. Unknown 1 day, 12 hrs, 10 mins
4. Shiest – Our Time 1 day, 8 hrs, 39 mins, 57 secs
5. Shiest – Lucy 1 day, 6 hrs, 24 mins, 40 secs
6. Champion by Jerusalem Scarfella Music 1 day, 2 hrs, 56 mins, 20 secs
7. Run Tingz Cru – Summer 2011 Promo Mix ft Blackout J A Friends by Run Tingz Recordings 18 hrs, 23 mins, 42 secs
8. The Quarter Inch Kings x Fish – It Ain’t Right 17 hrs, 24 mins, 42 secs
9. Dirty White Boys – Been Nice 15 hrs, 48 mins, 32 secs
10. General Degree – Must Run Away 11 hrs, 29 mins, 50 secs



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