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11/06/2018 Up Top Hip Hop Indie Playlist

Up Top Hip Hop Indie Playlist

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The playlist is now streamable via Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal –

As a way to makeup for the lack of updates as of recently, I picked out 20 new additions for the playlist. There will normally be 10 new additions each week! I have attached a few graphics you can use in the post itself

1. Peter Jackson Feat. Ria Mae – Thinking About You
2. Robbie G Feat. Saukrates – Keep That Lady Proud
3. Dynamic Feat. Kassidy Mackinnon – On My Own
4. Ragnar Vallon – Punisher of War
5. Gee Wunder – Colossal
6. Zaze – State of Mind
7. Swann Feat. Resin – Stop Playin
8. The Sorority – West End
9. The Sorority – East End
10. Sayzee x Kevin Rolly – Holy Smoke

1. Dre Specz – Channel 24
2. Buck-N-Nice – Try Me
3. Kryple Feat. Lil Windex – Sauce
4. The Mighty Rhino Feat. Adam Bomb – Wolves In The Cellar
5. Nataone – Break Free
6. Blacka Da Don Feat. LB – Back Now
7. Lee Ricks – Sentinel
8. Sapphire Steamy – Bitch Get Off Mi
9. K Jotham Feat. Leo Keystone – Headtops
10. Diztrikt Apolo Feat. Evil Ebenezer – This Life

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15/05/2017 Harvard professor and Nas discussing Walt Whitman

Harvard professor and Nas discussing Walt Whitman

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Hip hop artist Nas and English professor Elisa New study Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself” as part of New’s course “Poetry in America for Teachers: The City from Whitman to Hip Hop.” Here, the pair discusses the line of the poem featuring the phrase “blab of the pave.”

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