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Submit your content to be shared, and check its rank compared to other artist. Make sure you share your link, so you can get as many plays, or views as possible. We can sell your music in our store, as well.  Download codes can be ordered separately. We can help get your music on radio stations. GUARANTEED PLACEMENT, or money back after a 3 month run, that gives your money back if we weren’t able to get you on any stations after 3 months. Please note there is a review stage. Not all submissions will be accepted, so you would get your money back faster, or we can hold towards another release. If you need a web site. We can help make you one similar to ours for your Artist, Label, or Club.

Free artist profile on our site.

Able to submit your own new music to our site 24/7 (Just register at the top right red sign in button)

See where you compare in the ranks against other artist with your tracks or videos.


For submissions info, questions, advertising, sponsoring. 

Or volunteer positions are available for writers, photographers, etc that are interested in music.Mainly Canadian, but we like it all.