AP- Hit A Wall

AP- hit a wall


I just a hit a wall yea Yeah yea yea And I don’t wanna talk not yet yet yet I’m fucked up in the head and everyone’s depressed there’s no place left safe to run yea I just hit a wall yea yea yea yea And I don’t wanna talk not yet yet yet Why can’t you leave me be I don’t feel like me not lately and I don’t wanna think I just hit a wall Dejected and harder handle my thoughts can’t leave it alone I wish I could feel some of these things directly and not have to go sift through all of these bones Just for a remanent endings are Eminent head like a cell and less likea home memories a trial locked up in the moment Been in denial they won’t let me go forgave from my limits the pain in my eyes been reflecting inside of the mirror reflection I feel like I died and the worst of me lied to me taken the wheel and I’m under possession I made my mistakes and hid my transgressions I fell at my feet and ain’t learned my lesson I gave up on everything that I had worked for fought for it back and then cut out the section Of me in my heart that finally forgave me fuck him I don’t need no one trying to save me Ain’t ever felt like is worth it before it don’t hurt me no more and nothing gone change it The reasons all faded and sitting like dust on the shelf Scream and I yell begging for help and when it arrives pretend like I’m well Feel like I’m pushing me right in a hole heart in a vice and it’s hard to control don’t want no one looking down on me judging I’m closing the door just leave me alone I don’t want a talk Ain’t nobodies fault Don’t know what I want yea yea yea yea HOOK I pushed towards the pressure I’m towing the line the stress to my back yea i know I ain’t fine I feel like I’m losing I’m going to lose it I can’t get a grip on myself and sometimes I don’t know what it is I’m thinking yea sometimes yea sometimes And I couldn’t weather the storm like I needed People depending on me I believe if I could just see how someone else see me Maybe I’d love me maybe I’d need me but don’t wanna talk ain’t nobodies fault HOOK Original video clip credited too: https://youtu.be/VSsDiFc-Qzk

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