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36cassso is a rap artist from kannapolis north Carolina  he was born in Charlotte north Carolina and moved to muskegon Michigan when he was 12 he started righting rhymes and poetry at 14 to express himself and to relieve stress because the violence going on within in his city his lyrics took a darker turn to reflect how he felt and how the people felt around him he would drop out of school at 16 when he was around 18 a friend was gun down so he recorded his first mixtape from there music became his life from mentoring from his uncle and a local radio station he was ready to start more seriously perusing his music career he learned how to make beats and produce music on his own when he was 19 he moved to kannapolis north Carolina mini opportunity came and went by this time but he was convinced that music was for him when he was 20 he started production of 08 to 14 the first project of what he was planning to be a trilogy when he turned 21 he moved in with his father to work and focus on his music career things didnt work out and he ended up from one place to another he ended up homeless for a little while and was able to get back on his feet and back to his music when he turned 22 he allied with 2 high media.


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