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Domosh (aka Mr. White) is a 20 year old producer, songwriter and mixer/engineer. Kamran Hussain born on February 2nd, 1997; he was raised during his early Newark, NJ, he moved to West Orange, NJ at the age of 6 were he started playing the drums in 1st grade a developed a love for beats. He was inspired by the Blue Man Percussion Group on TV and wanted to make beats. From 1st grade on all the way through Senior year of high school he played percussion along w/ learning other instruments like Guitar, Piano and Euphonium. During his Junior year in high school he started making beats when his best friend introduced him to Logic and started making beats. He started to make beats endlessly and would end up making 5 beats a day at 18 everyday for a whole summer after he graduated high school. He now has 4 different producer names/alter-egos he channels for different sounds: Weirdn1derful, Mr. White, Domosh (main one) and Blaze The Phoenix. He extremely diverse, makes hip-hop, r&b, pop, rock, jazz and is becoming a force to be reckoned with.



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