Gee Wunder

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Gee Wunder is a music industry veteran and a motivational hip hop artist from Toronto. Gee grew up in an urban environment which sparked his interest in hip-hop music. Gee’s first in-roads into the music industry, as an artist, was through local community radio. Since debuting on commercial radio, in Toronto, in 2005 on Flow 93.5 and releasing his first full-length LP Street Knowledge in 2008 via URBNET Records, Gee has released an astounding TWENTY full length projects, in total, and has gone on to found his own independent label Motive Music Canada. Over the years Gee has toured across Canada doing live shows in many provinces. Gee has also had an exemplary career in Music Television working with Bell Media for over fifteen years. Today Gee runs his Motive Music label with a roster of 10 artists and a catalogue of quality hip-hop releases.



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