Jason Mask DaBooth

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Jason Mask Da Booth

CEO & Artist Of

Mask Out Records & Abnormalsounds


Jason Mask Da Booth Who Is From East St Louis Il. Which Always Has Been Interested In Music Who Has Entered His Own Destiny To Become A Recording Artist. Combining His Aggressive Lirical Style To Merg An Destructional Fource Alone With His Brother And Producer DemolishBeatz That Steps Into A Powerful Resource One Sticks Out Of All (DemolishBeats) Who Also Produces For Tech N9ne. Jason Mask Was Born December The 28th 1975 In Washinton Park Ill. He Was Always Into Music From Him Going To Church Which He Was Raised From Doing Of His Grandmother Inspirations He Start Doing Music At The Age Of Seven Years Old Influenced By Michael Jackson N.W.A. JazzyJeff And The Fresh Prince Big Daddy Kane And Public Enemy. But As Years Prevailed Jason Mask Da Booth Formed His Self To Be A Fource Of Knowledge After Being In Rap Groups That He Wasn’t Asure Of Until Months Of Separation From His Group He Dropped His First Album The Diary Of A Mad Mask To Get The Buzz He Was Looking For He Got More Into His Style And Createtivity So When People Saw His Vision He Continued To Stay In The Studio So He Presented His Second Album To The World My Life The Return Of Jason From The Uniting With God Founded Friend And Brother Demolishbeatz Jason Mask Da Booth Is Now World Appreciated And Heavy Fan Based With His Music To Present His Up Coming Album Da 13th Day Theory . The Most Inticipated Album To Come That The World Is Ready And Willing To Here So Now We Give You All Jason Mask Da Booth Something That This Rap Game And Music Industry Is Not Ready For Laddies And Gentle Men And World Viewres We Honor You With Jason Mask Da Booth


Jason Mask Da Booth : M.A.S.K. Delux Album