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“I’m giving them something they can feel” is what Demetra Risper aka Lady D! (Don’t forget the exclamation point) states when asked what her fans would get out of her music. Lady D! is the female rapper, engineer, ghostwriter, DJ, and manager of Dee-N-Dee Productions. Dee-N-Dee Productions is a record label developed in 2000 by Demetra Risper to keep a group of high school students from Sussex County out of trouble. Her unique sense of style and patience for editing audio allowed the possibility of producing positive “feel good” music for all ages, races, and genres. One of Lady D!’s songs, “Woodbridge,” created from a school chant in 2007, is even recognized as their school song and was played throughout the school during Demetra’s graduation.
Since 2008 Demetra Risper aka Lady D!, Sherri Farmer aka S*Dot, Gregory Mann aka Jae-Are, Takisha Nichols aka Kisha, and many other artists have come together to create music and let people know that music is not all about violence but it is a lifelong statement and it is your voice of opinion that no one can take from you. DJ Lady D has opened her doors to many different artists no matter the situation and will continue to do so throughout the years. In 2010 Dee-N-Dee Productions began to branch out and try to make an effect on people’s lives other than their own through song. In 2011, “Open Mic” was released. This album featured all of Dee-N-Dee Productions’ artists (Lady D!, Jae-Are, Random, Zaid, J-Truth, World, Swagg, Kisha, and S*Dot) and they traveled anywhere there was an “open mic” to perform.
Later that year, Lady D! began to invest her money into getting a small studio built; she raised money for materials by DJing music. In the summer of 2011 the project was finally complete and now Lady D! offers quality recording at affordable pricing. Her recording studio is also a computer repair/phone repair/phone flashing shop. Demetra is well known for many different talents, music is not what she is limited to. She does computer repair for local business and also does home computer repairs as well.
After a few of her own labels performances at Circles Bar & Grill in Milford, DE, Lady D! teamed up with Vonderlear Smack aka Smack and began to help with a local artist event Smack put together called Unsigned Hype. She was given a headline spot for her birthday in October 2011, where she released her first solo album “Ya Favorite DJ.” Lady D! not only performed and helped with the artist development of her own artists but she helped other artists prepare themselves for the stage as well. Lady D! then began to use her abilities to DJ to give the artists more of an opportunity to be heard so at the end of 2011 “Dedication to My Exes” was released. This mixtape consisted of artists all over the Eastern Shore such as, C-Mack, D-Skandolous, S*Dot, T9 Da Prince, Leeinna Tye’, and many many more. On this mixtape, Lady D! wanted to challenge the artists to come up with a different concept and see how many different songs could be made from the topic of the mixtape. The feedback was so wonderful that there were so many artists whose music didn’t make it to the mixtape. With that being said, it was only right to release part two. “Dedication to My Exes pt. 2” was released in mid-2012 featuring artists such as, Mz Vocalz, LSU, Autumn Jade, Soonie Savage, and many more. Part 3 is set to release some time in 2015. Later in 2012 she also released her 2nd solo album “More Than Just a Producer”
In December of 2012 Lady D! released another group project which is also named one of the only original local artist Christmas albums. “Home For The Holidays,” mostly written by Lady D!, was a big hit on the Eastern Shore. This album was released online as well as at Circles where Dee-N-Dee Productions had a holiday headline. S*Dot, Mi$$ N33sh, MzVocalz, Jae-Are, Lady D!, K-Biv, and Leeinna Tye are the artists who participated on this album.
After a two year run at Circles, the Unsigned Hype moved to Salisbury, MD where it eventually became the LDMV and Lady D! was a part of that movement for a short time as well being the DJ and putting all the artists music together and doing sound checks and whatever else was needed in order for the event to run smoothly. Even with all of this going on, she has not taken the focus from her own personal projects. Lady D! has featured with over 80 artists and wanted to do something with all of her features so her newest album, “Taking Over The Industry” will be a double disc and will be one of the first mixtape/album/collaboration compilations to ever be released. One disc will be full of features on original beats and the other disc will be full of industry beats that local DJ’s have chosen for her to freestyle to. Although “Taking over the Industry” is complete it will not be released until sometime in 2015.
Sometime in the future, Demetra Risper plans to open up a community center/studio for upcoming talent in return for good grades and positive attitudes. All of this may seem like quite a bit to handle for a single parent but when the subject is addressed Lady D! will reply “I am a boss because I don’t know how to be an employee. I will never be put in a box. I will always have a plan B through Z if plan A does not work. I do what I love, and I love what I do!” A boss she is indeed.


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