Lee Ricks

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Toronto born emcee/engineer for Trpl-R, Lee Ricks started moulding his craft in the mid 90’s growing up listening to groups such as B.C.C. The Roots,, D.I.T.C. DPG Souls of Mischief and many more. Rekognized for his R.A.W. (Rugged And Wild) punchline ryhme style, smooth transitions n rythmic flo’s, Lee Ricks is a str8 thro back to the golden era of hip hop. First arriving on the scene in the summer of 2014 with his appearance in the “90’s Bak” video by Trpl-R (Raw Rekonize Raw) it was apparent that he was hear to stay. After releasing there first EP titled “EVERAW” he immediately began recording for his recently released debut solo Ep “Punchlinez @ Lunchtime” Lee Ricks is a serious threat in the Lab and developing daily. Expect to hear alot of content in the future including a forthcoming Lp with Trpl-R presented entirely by The Quarter Inch Kings. More TBA.



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