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Rap, Hip-Hop, Canadian, Underground Rap, Underground Hip-Hop, Canadian Rap, Canadian Hip-Hop
Band Members
Zachary Polly
Edmonton, AB
Record Label
TU5 Conspirator
POLLYFREE is an independent hiphop/rap artist originally from Edmonton, AB Canada he currently resides in Winnipeg, MB and is working on new releases.
Zachary Polly (POLLYFREE) is a 22 year old rapper born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta.
Zak grew up with his mother and little sister in a middle class home and neighborhood. His father, a musician to whom his mother a mosaic artist was briefly married, left before Zak was born.
Zak had very little contact with his father as a young child, and none as an older teen and adult. His first exposure to music was in the form of guitar and piano lessons which his mom put him into.
His first introduction to rap was the song “Lose Yourself” from Eminem’s 8mile CD that his mom bought when he was 8. Simply put he was hooked.Zach upbringing was far from average, his mother worked as an artist, but also ran a dayhome for children out of their house. Zachs spiritual influences at home were very eclectic, his mother followed a very loose form of earth based spirituality, believing in karma, fairies, goddesses, and deeply rooted in yoga practice, there were always crystals, smudging ceremonies, discussions of past lives, numerology. Rap was a gift to Zach, it gave him a way to express himself. He had always had a lot of frustration and anger from being raised fatherless, and it began to show itself early on. As well as being angry at his father, Zaks younger years into his pre and early teens were full of torment and bullying from his classmates and peers. Not being from a two parent family like almost all of the other children he was surrounded by and unknowing of his fathers true past or his ethnic origins Zachary was a very lost person. At 12 he began experimenting with alcohol and prescription drugs, by 14 he had his first run in with the police, and by 16 his mother had kicked him out of the house. By 18 he was in trouble and homeless, he was kicked out of 2 rehab programs, and finally ended up doing 30 days in jail for theft under 500. His only criminal charge. It wasn’t until Zachary learned about his older brother Michael, who his dad had never mentioned to his mothers family and after he had slept in homeless shelters and in parks that he began to be able to truly realize his mistakes and reflect and change the person he had become. Throughout it all Zak used rap and hip-hop as an emotional outlet and crutch to lean on in the darkest of times. The power he found in words and the ability to convey a message was both overwhelming and needed. Today Zak lives in Portage La Prairie, Mb with his Girlfriend Elysia and her Family. They hope to start a family of their own in the next 10 years and “POLLYFREE” wants to become a certified sound engineer as well as rap artist. In the years to come I am sure we will all see this up and coming artist burst onto the scene and take the rap game by storm
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