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The International Hip Hop Sensation known as Ponce Juno that is from Staten Island, NY; by way of Antiqua holds the title as owner of Ellipse Group Corporation, an entertainment music label that he acquired from a close business acquaintance in 2011. Ponce Juno is a professional entertainer that has worked with a collection of producers to release five mixtapes. Being raised up by a West Indian culture gave him of a mindset of “don’t give up” attitude. As an Entrepreneur in the music industry, he launched his first project under the label titled “Chicken Grease n’ Grits in the year of 2012. The project got over three thousand hits from Datpiff.com. He then released his first video titled “They Like This” and is currently being played in several clubs in the north east region. Currently performing in clubs, Ponce Juno seeks to travel and expand his brand. Ponce Juno just released his self-titled Album “PJ” featuring his new single “Go Pretty Girl” in over 250 stores globally published by Believe Digital and Sugo. He is now the National Brand Ambassador for 3 Point Tequila and is producing his upcoming clothing line called “Ponce Juno” that will debut this winter of 2016. Ponce Juno’s exclusive interview with CBS, I-Heart, TMZ, and the Original DJ Spinderella with 3 Point Tequila are major accomplishments for the brand. This will include the production of his new MTV Jams video with the single “Go Pretty Girl that will debut this fall. E.I.U.M.T along with OffDaBloc co. will launch his upcoming world tour in 2016. Ponce Juno is on fire and with his positive, bouncy and feels good doing it attitude to Hip Hop he does capture the hearts of all his fans. Ponce Juno has a upcoming release titled “Concrete “new songs Drinks on Fire, It’s Ponce Juno and Wit My Money it will be in stores this summer.


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