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Born and raised in Regent Park, one of Toronto’s notorious housing projects, Turk (a Canadian rap artist) discovered his love for music at the age of 14. By 17, he had begun to pursue that dream which initially began with him creating his own music. His talents were apparent, so along with some fellow residents of Regent Park they created a super group (Hood Hitmen/ Out Da Trunk) that was comprised a total of 8 members. This group was the combination of the older and younger generations within the area. Unfortunately, at the same time this was transpiring he began to have run-ins with the law; these situations along with other circumstances were, unfortunately, the determining factors in his life that contributed to him being held back from reaching the levels he strived for. His story doesn’t end there.
Since then Turk has released three projects as part of a duo named “TNT” (Turk n Tyke) as well one project with “Sick Thugz” (a combination of fellow artist from the area).  Those projects were released as follows:
● TNT – Bout to Blow 2007 –
● TNT – Bottom to the Top 2010 –
● TNT – Bottom to the Top vol2 2013 –

These releases have contributed to Turks success to date, with his music being sold worldwide in major retailers such as “HMV”, as well as online. He has also released multiple music videos on “YouTube” which have accumulated over two million views ( ( Watching these videos you’ll be immersed in the environment in which “Turk” grew up in, along with the hardships and realities that are faced on a daily basis growing up in the projects. “The reality of gun violence, death, jail, police corruption, and the street life are subjects that are often overlooked or ignored completely but affect our lives in one way or another” as quoted by Turk himself.


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