Babble’On – Forever [Official Video]

Written by on 04/05/2017
“My life in the lines, I don’t hit the mic with the rhymes, hit it with the strife and the hard times, only in the dark can you see the stars shine, lookin up all eyes”
Over this thoughtful instrumental, Babble’On gives you his take on being an underground emcee. This isn’t a tale of glamour, it’s a tale of passion, not of cash in pocket, but of fire in heart. Displaying a versatility of flow and cadence, Babble elaborates on the motives and driving forces that keep him creating and maintaining his presence in hip hop. Rhythm an poetry are the means, but the goal is life, Forever.

Official Audio Download:

Produced by Anno Domini Beats
Engineered by Trendkill Productions
Video Produced by Natural Aspects Promotions (NAP)


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