Directed by: Jay Wills (
Drone Footage by: Justin Louis for SkyHi Aerial Services (@skyhi_toronto)

Produced by: Big Sproxx (@sproxx)

Handsome House/Proletarian Music
From the album “Live From Larstone”.
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‘Lemme Tell ’em’ Lyrics:

I’m in the spotlight, rock like heavy metal bands,
Got it locked tight, not like your petty ghetto plans.
Sure your watch might cost like 27 grand,
but when that clock strike 1, turn off mics, run
Your pop life’s done. Don’t lemme tell your fans
How your stock price plunged. From MTL to Van
To the streets of Toronto where people get bottled,
The game’s next leader to follow is me and my motto
Is ‘Make Bets, Take Bets, Leave with Lotto’. See the cake stretch,
Paycheques for weed and McDonalds and weekly AIDS tests,
A’s left semen in models. What’s a Latex?
Safe sex means that she swallows.
My tape sets a great example, your face gets trampled
Some more to make sure your tour dates get cancelled and..
End your little buzz. A Legend in the field cuz
Ain’t too many out who used to represent that still does. – Trust.

I ain’t gotta say it. They already know.

Son I blackout, never back out, stay committed,
Pick the rap route or the scrap route, A is with it.
Raise the limit til it max out, idiots get smacked out,
If you didn’t figure that out yet, just wait a minute.
Pray I’m lit up off a sack or I’m distracted by your sufferin’
Cuz if I finish all this Jack, it’s a wrap on your production.
I’ll Final Scene your Title Screen, Credits fade to Credits,
No Director’s Cut, your roll won’t ever make the edits
In the big Picture.
Your click with ya? Tell them to film me,
Stay quiet on the set, if it ain’t silent yet, it will be.
Get Departed when I’m on it, whether they good or if they’re guilty,
I’ll smash your whole cast like Costello did to Billy on a pool table.
Dude, they don’t make ’em like they used to.
’80s Baby. Grew up on Sega and the Juice Crew.
Came up with the Who’s-Who from this town,
Underground, Above the ground,
Shit, it’s no wonder why I run this now.
Somewhere down the line, they gon find someone better,
But at the moment, I’m the dopest motherfucker ever.
Heads’ll tell you what the deal was,
A Legend in the field cuz
Ain’t too many out who used to represent that still does – Trust.

I ain’t gotta say it. They already know.

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