Directed by: Nick Telesca (@telescaphoto), Big Sproxx (@sproxx) & Donny Rose (@d__rose__)

Produced by: Big Sproxx

Special Thanks to: Parlor 23 (

Handsome House/Proletarian Music
From the album “Live From Larstone”.
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‘Nowhere To Run To’ Lyrics:

You see this pair of new Airs? Scuff ’em. Who cares? Fuck ’em.
My current rotation is ‘2 Wears, Chuck ’em’.
But don’t assume my sanity improves with my vanity,
Rather be in debt with no shoes feeling hassle-free.
Living in the fog and hidden and forgotten,
Best part about the bottom of the barrel is the bottom.
Where the fallen are accepted and problems are expected,
But who’d a thought avoiding stardom’s just as hectic?
All I do is kill it til it haunt another skeptic,
If solitude was really what I wanted I’d a kept it .
Cuz the pressure’s set to limitless but effort has its benefits,
Your top 10 celebs are the friends I’m having dinner with.
and Y’all sour, I detect a bit of bitterness,
Never lost power, it’s electric how the winners live.
Twitter know I’m more about message than the images,
Wish I had success before the death of all my innocence.
I coulda played it safe, had a place and wife,
This life of getting wasted is a waste of a life.
I’ve seen basements and heights, every place has its price,
And I was gon lace up these Nikes ..
But there’s nowhere to run to.

All of these shoes in my room
And there’s nowhere to run to.

I represent for a set you can bet will dent your jaw for a buck,
But they’ll spare no expense to get retarded as fuck.
Acknowledge we’re the best or disregard it as luck,
Regardless what the spread is odds are we’re still up.
The front runners, young stubborn smart and corrupt,
Hustlin’ like ‘Bruh is you starvin or what?’.
At first it’s all fun when you’re apart of it but,
The larger the circle, the smaller the cut.
The wise told me rise slowly cuz the fall comes fast,
Beware the paranoia that’s results from cash.
Evolve past the inner struggles that can go through a man,
You might’ve heard who I was but don’t know who I am.
Transcendent, can’t end it, I don’t have much else,
When you’re nothing, the sadness helps.
When you’re something, and you’re still sad you wanna stab yourself,
Happiness isn’t attached to wealth.
Classic shell toes, Forces, Chuck Taylor’s, PRO Keds and Shox,
Timbs, and Asics, Ralph Lauren’s and LaCoste .
J’s & Air Max’s match the necklace and watch,
Every colour, all fresh out the box..
But there’s nowhere to run to

And when the walls cave in and the love get low,
If the money make it better get up and get dough.
Get out and get everything, go any place a person can reach,
Cuz you can have World at your feet..
But there’s nowhere to run to.

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