BIG SPROXX x ADAM BOMB – The Blindfold


Visuals: Moby & The Void Pacific Choir – Are You Lost In The World Like Me?
Animation by: Steve Cutts

Produced by: Big Sproxx

Handsome House/Proletarian Music

From the album “Live From Larstone”.

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‘The Blindfold’ Lyrics:

How the hell is this the present,
We’re still debating issues from 1967.
Anytime we feel we hit the height of the deception, they apply the misdirection,
And we just out here trying to find this wifi connection.
They worry when the bar’s low, not when GMOs are grown to turn your children’s heart slow,
Not of JP Morgan or Goldman or Wells Fargo,
Not when Alter Boys are getting fondled by the Cardinal.
No not for Climate Change or the Blood Diamond craze,
Or the cops turning blocks to a fucking firing range.
Nah they talk about celebs, all the gossip, all the trends,
Til everybody sends the same dog shit to their friends.
Then it spreads from Android to iPhone, whatever’s faster,
Then those in the next time zone will get it after,
It goes viral, the prime goal is it distracts ya,
The blindfold, but what do I know? I’m just a rapper.

I’m in the Street all day, on my feet all day,
If there’s a Schedule to meet, I may not eat all day.
My thoughts repeat all day, they bother me all day,
So I ain’t free to take selfies and tweet all day.
I’m crossing T’s all day and dotting I’s all night,
Looking online like is you guys alright?
There’s a billion closet racists with million dollar wages,
And y’all out here putting dog filters on your faces.
The generation addicted to being seen,
we let corruption slide but trip if you’re being mean.
To me it seem arrogant but mostly embarrassin’,
to share your entire life and post every where you been.
Can we care about some shit that matter?
We’re losing more than privacy and a bit of data.
They hand us golden handcuffs on a silver platter,
The blindfold but what do I know? I’m just a rapper.

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