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Byrus Coming to Toronto October 18th

Written by on 18/10/2018

Welcome Back to 2 High! Today we are talking about a hip-hop artist named Byrus that is coming to hit Toronto for a show. He’s been here before and he must’ve liked what Toronto had to offer because he is coming back this October 18th at 772A Dundas st. west (Also known as the Hard Luck Bar).

He is a local Ontario artist straight from the city of North Bay. He attended secondary school at Chippewa.  He has been a freestyle artist for a while now, when late 2017 hit his release of music hit on Reverb Nation a website of which we will link to you below. This man has been working with freestyle and hip-hop for over a decade. Now he is looking to punch out with a whole new power to his display.


Byrus has a flame in his heart now as he looks at the horizon of the rest of his career. One thing that I had to note when I asked him about this article, he was excited and one thing he said caught my ear. “I’m giving it all I got, my heart,soul and pure dedication to my music. (That) Is my recipe for success. I wont stop until the world knows who Byrus is.”

For what it’s worth Byrus, if you end up burning as bright as the passion I seen at your upcoming show, that may just end up happening.


Check out more on Byrus below:



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