CANADA DAY 2020 HALF MAST EP By Joe Wizard In Collaboration with Beatz So Mirakulus [SUBMISSION]



By Joe Wizard In Collaboration with Beatz So Mirakulus

This EP was inspired by 90’s Hip Hop by the likes of Nas, Noreaga, Stylez P, Prodigy etc…

The EP consists of hard underground 90s style beats, flows and lyrics! 

Releasing this EP on Canada Day 2020 dedicating the project to all the victims of the Coronavirus aka COVID-19 and the murders by the Police. In this fight against systematic racism we need to come together as one and can not neglect the injustice and racial profiling by the Police anymore. We should keep our Canadian Flag at HALF MAST this Canada Day to pay tribute to those who have lost there lives to this deadly virus and at the hands of the Police. 

This 5 track EP is available on all streaming platforms July 1 2020 12am and free to download on until July 2 2020 12am.











About Joe Wizard

Joe Wizard is a Toronto underground emcee/producer who has been making music since cassette tapes were a thing. He got his 1st buzz in 1996 making beats on cassettes and giving them to other emcees in his network. Then he produced, wrote, recorded his 1st cassette in 1997 called “A Light In Darkness” and hit the streets duplicating that cassette and handing it out everywhere. Joe Wizard’s passion for making music has withstand the test of times and through all the ups and downs there’s one thing that he has always continued religiously and that’s making music.

In 2003 Joe Wizard came out with a song called “Lifestyles” off his 3rd street album “The Beginning” and he made a video for it that is still on YouTube today. Then Joe got heavily into producing beats with another alias “Milk Man”  as he had a home studio and created 100’s of beats every year. Finding talent has always been one of Joe Wizard’s knacks as he would find other emcees to collaborate with, putting them on his beats and they would record songs. From the west end Toronto to Scarborough, North York and Downtown Joe has worked with many Underground artists. 

In 2014 Joe Wizard came out with his 1st album to get distribution through Music Before Money Records and toured Ontario with his hit single “Superfly”. Joe Wizard produced all the beats and wrote all the lyrics on that album. He performed at several local showcases in the GTA and had a chance to open up for Eternal from the Westcoast Killa Bees in 2016 and performed at Canadian Music Week in 2017. Then it was back to the drawing board for Joe Wizard as he felt like it was time to produce, write and record more material.

Most recently on December 25 2019 Joe Wizard released an instrumental LP named “Beat Mode”  with the beats he made in 2019. On January 01 2020 Joe Wizard started his year long campaign with a stellar marketing strategy by releasing his 1st song “Monopolize” off his self titled LP “Multiverse”. On February 1 2020 Joe Wizard released another Instrumental LP called “Beat Mode, The Lost Archives of Milk Man Part 1″ that are a collection of beats he was able to salvage before his computer crashed in 2014 with all of his life’s work. Then he released his 2nd track off the upcoming album Multiverse ‘”Charged Up”  on all Streaming platforms February 14 2020 which is popular in the school yards in the GTA. Joe Wizard has been able to increase his fanbase internationally with his marketing and creative strategies. .Joe Wizard’s top listeners are from New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. Joe Wizard has been able to generate over 25,000 streams in 2020 and his next release is on March 14 2020 featuring his 6 year old son called “No Days Off”

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