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@cashpoundnotes – Get With Me [VIDEO]

Written by on 04/07/2016

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Widnes Rap Group Ca$h Pound Not£s are set to bring out there new single on big condo records.
Cash Pound Notes have been noticed as new local talent in Widnes and have supported names such as Bugzy Malone, Filthy Funk and Royzy Rothschild.
Cash Pound Notes are a favourite with the local scene as they bring the commercial vibe but can also keep it to the streets.
Known for real life story telling and party vibes, Cpn welcomes everyone to the party. The group its self has only been together for couple years but Short A says its always been Cash Pound Notes because its from the streets.
The Lads have been on a lot of radio stations with there last single Trappin and they continue to impress.
Cash Pound Notes signed to big condo records in 2015 and the first single They featured on Cupid To Catch Ye which was a big hit in canada.
Cash Pound Notes are happy with there new single Get With Me released on the 24th june 2016, you can keep in touch with CPN follow them on @cashpoundnotes or go to
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