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Message to the man who shot me | Director X | TEDxToronto

Message to the man who shot me | Director X | TEDxToronto. TEDx Talks25.3M subscribers After his own experience as a victim of public gun violence, Director X embarked on a journey to understand why someone would shoot a target in a public environment, running the risk of endangering themselves and others. This talk reflects […]

Everlast On The Hidden Backstory Of House Of Pain’s Mega-Hit ‘Jump Around’ | People’s Party Clip

Everlast On The Hidden Backstory Of House Of Pain’s Mega-Hit ‘Jump Around’ | People’s Party Clip. In this clip from People’s Party, host Talib Kweli and co-host Jasmin Leigh talk with House of Pain frontman Everlast about his mega-hit “Jump Around.” Everlast shares the backstory of the song — including the fact that Ice Cube […]

Archeologists Unearth Ancient Roman Mosaic Beneath Row of Vines

In a vineyard within the commune of Negrar di Valpolicella, near the northern Italian city of Verona, Archaeologists uncovered a pristinely preserved mosaic floor beneath a row of vines. The floor dates to the 3rd Century AD and was the product of Ancient Roman artisans. Remains from an Ancient Roman villa were discovered nearly a […]

Twitter Begins Fact Checking Trump Tweets

President Trump is the first president to use Twitter as his primary method of communicating to the public. It’s been an important tool for the president to rally his base around the core themes of his presidency. Many have considered his tweets to be purposely misleading, if not factual incorrect at times. A recent presidential […]

The Public Death of George Floyd

George Floyd died Monday after a police officer cuffed him and pinned him to the ground by the neck. Video footage of the incident, clearly depicting a white officer pushing his knee into the black victim’s throat while he lies flat on the ground, has incited fierce online backlash and has resulted in the termination […]

Netflix Releases Trailer for “Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich”

It hasn’t been a year since disgraced billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his jail cell, but Netflix has just released a trailer for what is sure to be the first of many cinematic narratives about the accused pedophile’s crimes. Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich is a four-part documentary series that will hit the streaming […]

Delayed Justice in the Case of Ahmaud Arbery

More than two months after the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old Georgia man who was shot and killed while out for a run in February, Georgia police arrested two suspects, father and son Gregory and Travis McMichael. Arbery’s story, and public outcry for an arrest, have gone viral in the past week after […]

Xzibit Says “Pimp My Ride” Was Created Because His Music Career “Wasn’t Happening For Me Anymore”

On the tenth episode of Crook’s Corner KXNG Crooked sits down with Xzibit and talks about how his MTV “Pimp My Ride” show started and having to find other business opportunities when his music career wasn’t happening for him anymore. Subscribe so you don’t miss future Crook’s Corner episodes: Created & Hosted By: Kxng […]

Dad Jokes | Trap Jokes with T.I.

Rapper T.I. goes head to head with creator Patrick Cloud in a Trap themed episode of Dad Jokes! Welcome T.I. to the All Def family as a new company investor! Make sure to check out T.I’s new podcast ExpediTIously:… Subscribe today!… → CONNECT WITH ADD ← [CREDITS] CAST: T.I., Patrick […]