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Crimson OG: Lucks Up

Written by on 27/02/2019

I never thought it could happen. Bearial is dead. The light that burned deep in his soul died in him years ago. Leading to several altercations and arrests. He had become the person her rapped about and then some. That lead to his demise.
His tailspin threw his own web that he designed was an incredibly dark journey. And it lead to a barricade. Rest In peace our friend, you will be missed.
The killer, a man known as Crimson OG has taken Bearial’s life. Leaving Bearial dead was an easy task for Crimson. He has a set of free range skills that offers up a challenge for everyone. All he had to do is say the word and turn the page.
The tension seems to disappear when Crimson approaches the mic. The aura turns a different color than usual. It seems a cold blue with red hues. He relays his information to your eardrums threw several styles, and a few unorthodox approaches, but overall, a very nice delivery in all approaches.

Produced, Filmed, Edited and Masted by James Orr
The Bored Dad Productions

@theboreddad on all social media platforms

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