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Featured Artist – Young BDaReal

Written by on 28/08/2016

FACEBOOK: (@Young BdaReal)

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IG: (@youngbdareal)

GOOGLE+: (@[email protected])

VIDEO LINK: “Deep Breath”- Young BdaReal ft Shif-t Montola

AUDIO LINK: “LION”- Young BdaReal ft #EyeAmWulf

NAME: Young BdaReal

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1.) My interest in Rap comes from listening to Method Man, Redman, Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne… Being that they’re all different and original in music.

2.)I’m inspired by Originality, Different sounds as well as Different looks of artists. Whether it’s music or Fashion.

3.) My style is #ME everything from my beats to my lyrics are all my own style including my features.

4.)I’ve wanted to rap since I was 16… But I finally started recording myself in 2010 with my brother @DjKoZmoeZ & haven’t looked back since.

5.) What helps to motivate me once I get stuck trying to write is having a couple cigarettes nearby and a couple shots of Amsterdam(Vodka).

6.) The 5 greatest rappers to me are 2Pac, Biggie, Method Man, Busta Rhymes, and Jay-Z.

7.) To me… To be a great artist are Creativity, Originality, Perseverance, Dedication, & Wordplay.

8.) When I rap, I never throw anything away because my music is from #ME meaning (Musically Everywhere), I go wherever the beat takes me so if I lose the feeling I leave it until I am ready to finish that song. As far as starting from scratch, I love that part something like I would imagine a painter feels when he/she see’s a blank canvas before getting started to their “Masterpiece”.

9.) For me the most annoying part of being an artist is “patience” especially when sending a track off and the artists takes months to do a verse. Patience is definitely something i’m still working on.

10.) The most uplifting or aspect of being an is for your fans or even your peers say they love my music or hearing them spit my verses, fans actually knowing my music.


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