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Kevin Goncalo

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The East Coast, U.S.

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Rhode Island

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What interested you in started to produce?

Originally, I needed beats to rap over. As I got better as an emcee other producers started working with me, so making beats became something I did when I had writers block but still felt the creative urge. I didn’t take it seriously for a long time. Eventually I reached a point where it felt like outside production was limiting my expression. Not that I didn’t know great producers, but no one else can hear what is inside your own head. That’s when I set out to really learn production with the goal of being able to make my thoughts into reality.

Who is your inspiration ?

I’ve had different inspirations at different points in my life. Currently, my son and daughter are the inspiration for everything I do.

What style of productions would you say your music is?

Mostly boom-bap style hip hop. I love music though and have been known to dabble in other genres and sub-genres. I like to think my “style” is more defined by the unique quirks I bring to whatever I’m making, no matter the genre.

When did you begin producing?

I started making beats around 17. I started producing about 10 years later.

When you feel stuck, what helps you move forward when producing?

Breaks. That’s one of the best things I’ve learned about myself. When I feel stuck I like to just step away and go do something else for a while. A fresh perspective in general can lead to fresh perspectives on the music you were working on. I used to try and force it and that just leads to nothing good.

Who, in your opinion, are the five greatest producers of all times?

The same cats everyone else would name. haha. Instead I’ll give you 5 that have been direct influences on what I do, and who don’t get the credit they deserve IMO. In no particular order…

Too $hort, J-Zone, Havoc, Oh No, Daz from the Dogg Pound

kevdiggs 2Photo Credit: Jessica Pohl

What does it take to be a great producer?

An ear for what you like and lots of practice.

When producing, go many times do you throw away a product or start from scratch?

I NEVER totally scrap anything anymore. So many people have picked loops I had made and would have scrapped. You never know what an emcee is going to feeling. Save it all.

What’s the most annoying part about being a producer?

Spending hours digging through records without feeling anything. I hate wasted time.

What’s the most uplifting part about being a producer?

Music is the cornerstone of any song. Great music can save a terrible rapper or singer…but the greatest rapper/singer would struggle to save horrible music. It’s important. It affects people emotionally. Strangers halfway around the planet who may not even speak English can FEEL music. It’s hard to pin down the most uplifting part, but overall it’s an honor to be able to be a producer, and it brings me a great sense of satisfaction.



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