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FÜBB Unlimited

Written by on 04/07/2017

On the surface, the reason for the title of this album is straightforward (MC FÜBB + Ju$tunlimited = FÜBB Unlimited). It’s about an emcee/poet and a producer/beat-maker combining their talents to make something that neither of them could have created on their own – music created through the efforts of their synergy. It’s a work of art that can be enjoyed by listeners today and will remain available for future generations to come, long after we are no longer here to make new music.

On a deeper level, creating this EP has given me pause to reflect on my career as a hip hop artist; a lot has changed in my life since I started taking my rapping seriously over seven years ago. In recent years, I’ve drifted away from my fixation on the dream of “making it” as an artist in the music business and toward a life that is fulfilling in a broader sense: the kind of life where I can be fulfilled and “make it” in a variety of different ways. But despite a recalibration of the priorities in my life, I continue to heed the call of the pen and pad, the microphone and the recording booth. Regardless of what else I’m up to in my life, I feel the need to express myself creatively and to transform my raw experience into something tangible that can stand the test of time.

Perhaps it’s a way that we, as artists, try to cheat death – a way to overcome the existential dread that comes with the realization that our time on this earth is limited. Against the backdrop of the infinite, we are flashes in the pan of existence. But in the context of the lives we touch through our words and actions – be it through the structures we build, walls we tear down, or works of art we create – we have a chance to leave a legacy behind after we die. In that sense, the potential difference that our lives can make is truly unlimited.

My hope is that listeners’ lives are impacted by our music for the better, if even just for a moment, as they take in this new EP.

FÜBB – Unlimited


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