FURTHERMORE – The Legend Adam Bomb


Directed by: Dan Jardine for Boom Shoal Enterprises
(@deanofdanger @boomshoal)

Produced by: BuckWild (@buckwild_ditc)

From the mixtape “A-Material”.
Available September 30, 2017.

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‘Furthermore’ Lyrics:

Fuck who you thought it might be,
Knew the day I did it I would do it on the nightly.
Flow’s finally getting credit, Shows highly recommended,
But anything you want, I know somebody who can get it.
You won’t find me where I’m headed, see him while you can,
I’ll be exiting the bank before they realize the plan.
Cuz the family deserves this, a man feeling worthless
Sure as shit is gonna quit if he can’t see his purpose.
But earth is in my clutches now, nothing’s out of reach,
Liquor Stores complaining I ain’t come around in weeks
Yet the buzz somehow increase. A hundred-thousand sheets
In a flood of blood, sweat & tears running down my cheeks.
May my troubles drown in peace. I’m riding on a wave of luck,
Wiser if I gave it up and might have if I gave a fuck.
Last quarter, lost a couple dimes but I made a buck,
She ain’t really mines if you pay enough. (Furthermore)
Pussy on pause cuz the hustle’s on rewind,
Breakfast in the shower, I don’t got a lot of free time.
Dinner all alone while I’m sitting on the throne,
Cuz there’s two kings in this town and one is on a street sign.
So let the weak shine, and let the foolish talk,
I assume everything’s a lie until they prove it’s not.
If you was taught what I know, you’d a gotten my role,
Usually whoever holds the truth brought the blindfold.
So salute your rival or shut your stupid pie-hole,
I don’t live longer by reducing your survival.
I’m Confucius on a vinyl, Hendrix in the basement,
Che in Bolivia except with medication.
Respect the reputation, if records sold for rhyming nice,
I’d a went Diamond twice and spent it on private flights.
I was 17 with side bitches getting high as kites,
Imagine where I’d be if I had listen to the right advice.
The victim of a prior life, clique was in all kind of fights,
Guns, knives, sometimes I miss them old violent nights.
Now the scene’s Vines & Memes, post some shit, buy some likes,
Guy’s like me don’t fit in with them cyber-types. (Furthermore)
Maybe if you paid some dues, motherfuckers,
You wouldn’t have to pay for your views, motherfuckers.
Confused motherfuckers.
A million fake plays and it’s you on stage in front of 2 motherfuckers.
Congratulations, you’re huge, motherfuckers,
Enjoy being famous in your rooms, motherfuckers.
You could shoot the Pope off a Macy’s Day Float,
And your face wouldn’t make it to the news, motherfuckers.
Delusional suckers, desperate for attention,
The more I feel they need it, the less they’re getting mentioned.
Your whole rap persona is an excellent invention,
But a myth’s never better than a legend. (Furthermore)
Yeah, we’re both out here trying to make ends,
But I’m trying to make art and you’re trying to make trends.
And I could care less if what I’m trying to make blends,
Cuz the rest ain’t even trying to make sense. (Furthermore)
I ain’t about trying to make friends, (Furthermore)
I’d rather sip rye and take Ms. (Furthermore)
You struggle every month and keep coming up with junk,
And I barely even try and make gems. (Furthermore)
Inspiration for this game is getting hard,
So I appreciate all the hatred for the squad.
It’s amazing you’re a fraud and they’re praising your facade,
But the dates been arranged for the Changing of the Guard.
And you’re aiming for the stars but the skies is the limit,
That verse might’ve worked if your rhymes wasn’t in it.
So don’t act surprised when I get mine’s in a minute,
Cuz I gave you guys enough time to rise and you didn’t.

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