“Gaming Grandma” Becomes Guinness Book Oldest Gaming YouTuber

The Guinness Book of World Records has just bestowed the title of “Oldest Gaming YouTuber” to a 90-year-old Japanese woman named Hamako Mori.

Dubbed the “Gaming Grandma,” Mori has amassed some 250,000 followers on YouTube where she live-streams herself playing PlayStation and talking about her favorite games. (The Grand Theft Auto series is her favorite).

Mori has been playing video games for 39 years, entering the gaming world after seeing how much fun the neighbor kids were having on their now-antique Cassette Vision.

“It looked so much fun, and I thought it’s not fair if only children played it,” Mori said. “I thought life would be more fun if I knew how to play it. So I started playing, at first while no one was watching.”

She mostly stuck to the oldies until a few years ago, when she discovered just how advanced modern gaming had become.

“I didn’t touch [the new stuff] until recently because it’s difficult to play. But recent action games are visually spectacular, and they often use actors for characters. So I’m really obsessed with it now,” she said.

Currently, her go-to game is Grand Theft Auto V, which she thinks has merits both as an interactive activity and as a storytelling medium.

“It’s like watching a film,” she said, adding that she opts for more violent games because they have age restrictions, “so children can’t play it.”

Still, the 90-year-old insists that video games are what keep her feeling young, even in her golden years.

“After living for this long, I feel more than ever that playing games for this long was the right choice. I am truly enjoying my life—it’s rosy!”

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