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Geeva, born by the government name (Bernard Christian), a Tanzanian artist who started producing music as a hobby in 2003 originally known as “ngek master”. His exploration and insight surfaced around producing. Geeva’s lifelong expectations include mastering the craft of being musically inclined. Geeva can attribute his development of a unique rap style to the result of a dynamic musical influence.

Geeva’s pursuit in wanting to further his musical talents was always surrounded by different forms of music. During his journey towards the road to success, many obstacles had to be overcome and several opportunities are in Geeva’s grasp. The multi-talented artist credits a church and pastor to have been his solid support system during the early stages of finding his true self and niche as a rapper that is willing to appeal to a broad audience.

In 2005, Geeva produced and recorded his first official single, a music contender for the popular division. Music features connected to radio station airways and radio interviews followed during the year. The brink of 2007 was an adjustment highlight for an international artist that moved from Tanzania, East Africa to the United States for studies.

Before relocating to the states, Geeva recorded in a professional studio with a few long term acquaintances on a collaboration music track called “niko juu” in which “Mike T.”, a Tanzanian well known producer was in charge of overseeing the efficiency of the project. Geeva’s transition from creating Swahili music to crossing over in English context empowers his chances at success in the international market.

In 2009 he changed his name from Ngek master to Geeva. In 2010, minor success followed from a song titled “Swimming on the Moon” being recognized as an MTV music meter top 100 chart entry. 2011 is projected to be the year of the first independent home recorded album release “Follow @Geevamusic” by Geeva. A hot single to be on the lookout for is an electric-dance song called “Good Day”.

On February 27, 2012 Geeva released “Sum Days” also an independent home recorded album wrote and recorded by Geeva, this project features various producers and some songs are featuring his best friend Ilah.


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