Killin’ – The Dirty Sample

Killin’ – The Dirty Sample

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About The Dirty Sample

With over 15 years and 30+ albums under his belt, including collaborations and solo instrumental and vocal albums, The Dirty Sample—the producer and rapper from Calgary, AB, also known as Apeface, previously Planit, and sometimes 2 Blue Apes—has finally come to the realization that he just must make music. No matter what, it’s the driving force in his life. Literally, he cannot function without creating something. He’s tried. But the crazy starts to crawl around the brain if he’s not focused on music. 

About “Killin’”

The second single from The Dirty Sample’s new instrumental album, NO!, is “Killin’”, his ode to slasher films. While binging a bunch of terrible slasher films, The Dirty Sample stumbled onto all these killer samples, a common job hazard for most hip hop producers. A similar approach was used for the video, returning to those films for footage and then applying digital effects, including adding simple line animation on top, giving the video that dirty feel fans expect of the Canadian producer.

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