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labeled minorities: Fist of the Northstar! [AUDIO]

Written by on 11/01/2017

Fist of the North Star. An introduction… One thing that will always be apparent is if you ever feel like you’ve lost your way, or your sense of direction, you can always look up and see the North Star guiding you towards the north. It’s the Brightest star in the sky, Hip-Hop is alive in the North and throughout this song we express our deep love for hip-hop and beautiful music in all aspects and genres for that matter. We also express our love for the north, Canada and the great country who made us. We have been working extremely hard in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to bring the energy of the NorthStar to everyone around the world. Music has been what brings people together for generations and together we can bring on the movement for generations to come! Vibe with us on this one! Fist of the Northstar!


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