Lil Ghostwriter: Inner Plenum EP [Weird Rap/Audio Recon][SUBMITTED]

Lil Ghostwriter: Inner Plenum marks the first solo artist release by Weird Rap Records (co-released by Audio Recon). Following Weird Rap’s Interdependence compilation (featuring exclusives from Clipping, Kool Keith, Mike Ladd and other experimental hip hop acts), the digital and picture-disc vinyl EP is uncompromising art rap, adventurous sonically as much as lyrically.

Backed by Th’ Mole’s ever-changing compositions running the gamut from lo-fi alien jazz to Danny Elfman-meets-El-P knockers, Lil Ghostwriter’s fathomless thought collages are grounded only by his soothingly steady and mellow, baritone vocal delivery. Capped off by a distorted folk-hop remix from Tokyo Cigar, Inner Plenum is a real psychedelic rollercoaster, winding its way from obscure metaphysics through weed references to racial injustice and beyond; somber at one turn, sardonic at the next.

Based in Vancouver BC, Andrew “Lil Ghostwriter” Mbaruk has studied philosophy, worked as a garbageman, and been psychiatrically hospitalized on several occasions. In addition to a heavy catalogue of self-produced music releases, he’s self-published a dozen books including Neuro-Monotheism in the Age of E-Production and Phono=textual: A Novel in Mono.

Check out the video for “Heart Complications”, the psychospiritual, ventricle biology and Slick Rick-referencing single, at

Inner Plenum is available digitally on the usual platforms, and on stunningly-designed 7″ picture-disc vinyl with digital bonus track via and


Additional digital outlets linked at

“A Song For The Police” (Bandcamp bonus track) music visual linked above.

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