**NEW RELEASE** Sum-01 “Makin’ Moves” EP

**NEW RELEASE** Sum-01 “Makin’ Moves” EP

Sum-01 – The Makin’ Moves EP
Dropping July 3rd, 2020 on Vinyl, CD, and Cassette through Black Buffalo Records Halifax, NS – Digitally through Break North Records London, ON.

In the Summer of 2019 Sum-01 and DJ Hullewud traveled to Truro, Nova Scotia to record a project with DJ Moves. Spending time learning the turbulent history of Africville and the trials of East-Coast early black settlers, the trip to Nova Scotia inspired Sum-01 to write an East-Coast inspired record. After a few short days of writing and recording, the Makin’ Moves EP was birthed.

With DJ Moves cantankerous instrumentation and Sum-01’s calculable flows, the pair demonstrated they could make moves expeditiously.

Sum-01’s new Makin’ Moves EP will be dropping July 3rd, 2020 through Black Buffalo Records Halifax, NS, on Limited 12″ Vinyl, Cassette and CD.
Each format has its own little perks. The CD will include the new EP.
The 12″ Vinyl will come with Bonus ‘Vinyl only’ cuts/remixes on Side B.
The Cassette will include both the ‘Makin’ Moves’ EP on side A and her 2019 ‘The Comeback Queen’ EP produced by royceBIRTH on side B.

More on Sum-01:  After a 7-year hiatus, Sum-01 made her triumphant return to Hip-Hop back at the end of 2017 with the ‘2 Dolla Holla 2.0’ mixtape. The mixtape proved to be a success with tracks being spun across Canada and the US on College / Community radio stations. Following the mixtape, she dropped a couple of singles, her first original music since returning. These tracks included features from Eternia, J Shiltz, and El Da Sensei.

In May of 2019 Sum-01 won the Forest City London Music Award for Best Hip-Hop artist. Within days of winning the award, Sum-01 dropped ‘The Comeback Queen’ EP independently through Break North Records.

The Comeback Queen EP was even more successful on College / Community radio stations in Canada and the US. 

The Comeback Queen EP has charted for over 35 weeks on College !earshot charts and had over 80 chart appearances. The EP also made #2 on Radio Western’s Top 30 countdown of 2019.

After her successes, she was able to open up at Parkjam London’s Hip-Hop night in Harris Park for Method Man, Redman, and Ice Cube September 12th, 2019.

Here is the link to download the Digital copy of the Makin’ Moves EP:
Break North Records Bandcamp

Sum-01 is available for interview requests.

Instagram: @queenoftheforestcity Twitter: @forestcityqueen

Facebook: @queenoftheforestcity Site: queenoftheforestcity.wordpress.com

Bandcamp: sum-01.bandcamp.com Email: [email protected]Thank you for your consideration, for any more requests please hit up DJ Hullewud at [email protected] or [email protected]

Break North Records
London, ON Canada

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