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“Don’t Need Her”

“Don’t Need Her” is Winnipeg rap duo Filthy Animals’ 4th single off of their latest album, Still Filthy. released November 30, 2018 on Hand’Solo Records. Combining elements of pop, traditional hip hop and trap, the production is a modern merging of sonics. The song starts with a notoriously infectious hook that rockets the listener straight into the grimy world of the filthy duo. The visuals for “Don’t Need Her” were shot at Teasers Palace in Winnipeg, MB, and stars Playboy model Zamy Wens as an overworked woman who has has finally had enough. Directed by Dag of Natural Aspects Promotions, what begins as the usual rap video takes a sudden and interesting turn. The single is also available as a free digital DJ Pack with album, clean, instrumental, and acapella versions, plus a slamming, dancefloor-filling remix from Abstract Artform.

Written and performed by Pnutty Goldust and Big Bear
Produced by Pnutty Goldust

Video shot and edited by Natural Aspects Promotions

Still Filthy album:…

“Don’t Need Her” free DJ Pack:

Facebook: @TheFilthyAnimals

Instagram: @filthy.animals.4life


19/12/2018 6-7 Entertainment Artist 6’7″ Drops New Tracks

6-7 Entertainment Artist 6’7″ Drops New Tracks

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Wassup it’s your boy 6-7 and yes I’m actually 6-7 originally from The mean streets of the nasty Natti Cincinnati Ohio went to Miami of Ohio played College basketball when my  career was ended.  So I move down to South Carolina where I  shot my  first music video with NBA basketball star Jason Williams Rolls-Royce Phantom was in the paper the magazines and I just started performing in Miami Atlanta Ohio music is in my blood and im a hype crazy individual that run with a  wild Bunch I started a small record label call 6-7 entertainment and I’m just trying to take my label and some artist to the next level Plus I’m about to drop my new CD which I put a lot of work into and i’m not trying to sound like nobody but 6-7

06/12/2018 2 High Radio November Stats.

2 High Radio November Stats.

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Where did you rank up last month???
Period Overview
Metric Value Metric Value
Total tracks 245 track(s) Peak listeners 12 listener(s)
Unique tracks 114 track(s) Peak track Stevens Kbosh – Pum Pum Tu …
Average per hour 0.34 track(s) Peak time Nov 25, 2018 02:21 PM
Average length 1 hr, 43 mins, 57 secs


Most Popular Tracks (by Connections per Minute)
Least Popular Tracks (by Disconnections per Minute)


Top Tracks by Playbacks
Track Playbacks
1. Unknown – No Manners 14
2. Unknown 12
3. Coldman – Just Know (remix) ft McSkill ThaPreacher, Dev The Follower, Qsberg, Jamaican Haze, J-Steph, Script. 11
4. Unknown – Express Yourself prod NockNock Cuts by DJ Dice 9
5. Psybo – Mr Emcee 8
6. Shiest – Lucy 8
7. Antenna – KDB aka Truman Show 8
8. Gee Wunder – Switch Whips (Prod. CY On The Beat) 8
9. Unknown – Landslide Remix 8
10. Lifetime ft Tre – Lifetime (ft. Tre-D-80) 7
Top Tracks by Airtime
Track Airtime
1. Unknown – No Manners 3 days, 12 hrs, 17 mins, 3 secs
2. Gee Wunder – Switch Whips (Prod. CY On The Beat) 1 day, 13 hrs, 44 mins, 59 secs
3. Unknown – Landslide Remix 1 day, 3 hrs, 36 mins, 24 secs
4. O&S – KILO (MIX) 19 hrs, 53 mins, 44 secs
5. Psybo – Lil Flava ft. Chokeules & Timbuktu 19 hrs, 46 mins, 5 secs
6. Swirv ceo/Brew – Respect My Grind 19 hrs, 21 mins, 5 secs
7. Marcus Visionary – Four Years 18 hrs, 4 mins, 22 secs
8. Digital Underground – The Humpty Dance (1990) 16 hrs, 52 mins, 14 secs
9. Coldman – Just Know (remix) ft McSkill ThaPreacher, Dev The Follower, Qsberg, Jamaican Haze, J-Steph, Script. 15 hrs, 18 mins, 12 secs
10. Unknown 15 hrs, 2 mins, 49 secs

Source: Centova Cast

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