Royzy Rothschild – House Of Cards ft Lotty

Royzy Rothschild – House Of Cards ft Lotty.

Liverpool rap veteran Royzy Rothschild releases his latest song House of cards featuring Lotty from Big Condo Records.Royzy hits the track with hard hitting raps, while Lotty breezes through with amazing vocals on the chorus.The song highlights work rate, dedication and what it takes to be successful in the media world in lyrics.The song brings some of Royzy’s experiences and expressing passion, heart, determination, wesee a more brash flow from Mr Rothschild on this song, as Lotty supplies us with the Mercedes and Jim Beam,don’t forget the amazing vocals which make this song a major collaboration. The release date for the single is set for the 11th July 2020 available via Tidal, Spotify, Itunes and Big Condo Records.Go follow @RoyzyRothschild @reallottymusic

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