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12.5" Resin 3D artwork 7mm glass beaker water bong [TS107]_012.5" Resin 3D artwork 7mm glass beaker water bong [TS107]_1

12.5″ Resin 3D artwork 7mm glass beaker water bong [TS107]


  • Height : 12.5″
  • Tube : 2″
  • Glass Thickness : 7 mm
  • Resin 3D artwork
  • 3 Pinched ice catcher
  • 6″ downstem
  • Thick bowl for 14 mm female Joint
  • 3 Pieces

Lockable Storage Bag, Smell, Odor & Water Resistant Pouch for Travel, Cash, Money, Valuables, Medicine, Jewelry, Cosmetics, Zipper Safe with Pocket Organizer and Combo-Lock

  • Combo Lock – This bag Comes with the 3-Digit Code Combination Locking System meaning you can keep your valuable belongings, money or cash, and medicine inside this bag with no worries
  • Smell Protection – Designed with odor absorbing activated carbon and PU leather for an ultra seal and smell control
  • Travel Accessory – The lightweight and sleek design makes this pouch a useful handy product for traveling. You can rely on this to store your concert tickets, cash, jewelry, cosmetic products, medicine, and more
  • Ultimate Organizer – This bag has 4 loose pockets and a discreet zipper pocket as well! This is great for keeping your things organized
  • Water Resistant – Crafted with PU leather, makes this product is perfect for keeping your things dry 

Raw cone bulk 1400 King Size


RAW Pre Rolled Cones are made with 100% natural organic hemp. No chemicals or additives in this smoke! RAW Cones are the most smoked cone in the world, and there is good reason for that!

  • Size: King Size
  • 1400 Cones Per Box

Rig In One Portable Dab Rig [PAT21892]


The Rig In One is a fully modular all-inclusive dab rig that is perfect for cold starts. The glass dab rig sits in a matte resin base with a torch lighter oriented with the flame right on the bottom of the quartz banger.

Cold starts are done by dropping your dab into a clean quartz nail before it’s hot and then slowly heating it up. Put the carb cap on and wait until the concentrate begins to bubble and turn into a vapor. Turn off the torch and turn the carb cap as you inhale. This method allows users to get more flavorful hits than traditional dabbing methods.

The Rig In One Fully Modular Portable Dab Rig is new and improved from its previous version with a chic carb cap design, sleeker banger, modernized torch component, and the reinforced plastic case for added safety and security.

  • Rig Bubbler (14mm Female)
  • Quartz Banger (14mm Male)
  • Base
  • Torch with Overflow Valve
  • Glass Carb Cap
  • Dab Tool

WENEED®- 7″ Silicone Monster Double Filter bong


Travelling? Camping? Attending festivals? This 6″ portable, light-weight, and even detachable silicone water pipe is the perfect companion for your outdoor lifestyle. Be the hero friend that is responsible for the HIGHlight of your adventures.

But wait it’s silicone! Isn’t silicone basically plastic? Is it safe to smoke?

No need to worry! The silicone we use is non-toxic, food-grade silicone, and heat resistant. It also comes with a bowl piece made from borosilicate glass that is made for smoking creating a divide between the heat and the silicone. You can also easily disassemble this unique water pipe to reach the hard-to-reach areas and thoroughly clean this beauty.

A 7″ Silicone Monster Double Filter Rig

  • Height: 7″
  • Bowl Joint : 14mm Female
  • Includes : Bowl Piece
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