Million Dollar Nose Job E.P.
Tuesday, August 23, 2016
3:03 PM
This ten track ep, is filled with the best sounds in liquid Drum and Bass, deep rollers, also some west coast styllee, topped off with a little dark moodyness sure to impress any newcomer or any seasoned Junglist. Produced by D-Split , Million Dollar Nose Job, will take you on a journey through your mind and psyche Darkness to the light, to keep you dancing all night
total time 43 min <Approx>

Empty Your Mind. A Light Rolling baseline for the end of the summer, added with bruce lee sample and some lighter flute Is liquid like water this track will make you move the same…. 4:11

Nuff Said!!! That’s what I said 50 dollar bill. This tune is a dance floor smasher of a tune with some happy baseline with a distorted guitar. Super catchy and takes you a little deeper. Any Goonie will love this track. 3:32

Paranoid , Is a dark roller with a glitchy distorted guitar with a build on it that gives you the real creeps. The horror over tones will have you looking over you shoulders as you two step to this banger, and the party continues ……don’t freak out 7:26

Pissed off , is a dark moody roller that will make you think twice before losing your shit or if you do please rinse it out !!!!It starts off quiet , but ends in a direct frenzy of feelings and Raw energy !!!!! 6:24
Save T.O. is exactly what you need to keep your heart pumping and your feet moving , this track has the intensity of an alien attack. Since it was used for a video game of that sort, D-split has made it exclusively included with this E.P. four stages made in four nights taking place over Ontario and the finish is over the sky dome hope you enjoy. 6:48
Spring Rain , Feels cool, feels like rain is going to drop like the track but never does… its light and dark at the same time an live experimental tune recorded in the spring and was to be re released as a promo but got pushed back till now. 2:55
Summer Dreams, also recorded live during the summer is another dark moody track influenced by square pusher and the likes, the piano and the guitar all feel like the summer night air has taken your breath as you dance listening to the kids in the playground laying in the grass listening to the sounds and smelling the air as summer is in its peak . 3:22

Tactics . Became tricky and altered this wobble jungle track will have you head banging the drop brings you into a frenzy of rush as the record skips and you rinse out to this track guaranteed party tune !!!! 5:01

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