SPODA A.K.A. @mrdopeflow Drops New Single “50 Clip”

Written by on 26/06/2018


Check out Spoda and his music. This is his first submission to the site. With more to come soon. Untill then check out his Bio, and his first submission, 50 Clip, that is going to be added to the rotation of 2 High Radio. Which plays on the main page of 2 High Media.

 Spoda a.k.a. Mr.Dopeflow was born Ronald Waiters Jr. He began rapping at 13  years of age and would rap with no beat, but just a rhythm in his head. However, Spoda didn’t begin to take rapping seriously until high school. In his beginning stages of hip-hop, Spoda was heavily influenced by early 1990 – mid 2000 hip-hop music with artists such as The Lox, Jay-Z, Fabolous, Nas, TuPac, Notorious B.I.G., Roc-a-Fella, Big L, DMX, and Mobb Deep leading the charts. His fellow peers and classmates began to take notice and after continuously being motivated by the feedback, he began performing at local talent shows. As time progressed, Spoda began building on his name by battling numerous local artists. With his fan base growing, he decided to cover wider ground by taking his art to the internet. This decision led to a greater fan base. Now he stands as a well-respected Indie artist with an alias, “Mr.Dopeflow”; which explains it all. With his unique, steady delivery and word-play as well as his hunger and reputable energy he brings on every record, Spoda takes representing the Long Island area personally. Spoda can be found all over the Internet, but can mainly be found at www.spodamusic101.blogspot.com and  www.youtube.com/Mrdopeflow. Spoda a.k.a. Mr. Dopeflow is ready to make a much needed impression on Hip Hop.

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