Too High Chronicles Volume 2, Review

Written by on 20/06/2018

Too High Chronicles Volume 2 Review

Welcome back readers, today I would like to Review the new collaboration album. “Too High Chronicles Volume 2” is this albums name. This album has 16 tracks. With various featured artists in it such as, Shiest, Kay Huda, Tycoon Homage, Shakespeare, 36Casso, L.O.L.A. and more.  In this review, I would like to touch on the album as a whole, then just share my personal favorites.  First, Let me introduce the songs and the artists who are in that song.

The track list is below.

Track 1: Builll Up by Tycoon Homage

Track 2: In The Morning by Kay Huda Fal

Track 3: Blood Sport by Lampman

Track 4: Gwan by Lee Ricks

Track 5: Drink Out The Bar by Mike All

Track 6: Xanny & Henny by Shiest, Featuring Brixx

Track 7: Ride by 36Casso

Track 8: Camel Toe by Rock Nitty

Track 9: 50 Bars by Shakespeare

Track 10: Stay Up Part 2 by Labeled Minority

Tack 11: Think by Undetectable Bomber

Track 12: Memory Lane by 36Casso

Track 13: Sentinel by Lee Ricks, Featuring DJFellbuam

Track 14: I’ve Been by L.O.L.A.

Track 15: Lucy by Shiest

Tack 16: Puff Puff Pass by C.O.N, Featuring Solo Key

That ends the Albums track list. I would like to say this album has so much variety in its sounds, it was hard for me to even hit a favorites, each are fantastic, for Shiest he pulls out the tones and beats that are easy to find yourself lost in. L.O.L.A. has a very unique sound that is pleasing to the ear, still showing some serious talent. Lee ricks has a very nice tone for his style of hip-hop. Each of the songs and their artists, have shown some great blazing tunes. Some also express some deeper feeling, overall it had about everything I look for personally in an album. Bravo.

I can keep rambling on about this new album. “Too High Chronicles Volume 2” is fully loaded with amazing music. So for My writer’s pick on favorite songs include below.

First Pick: Lucy by Shiest

My Second pick had to come from Shiest’s single. Honestly, This song I found not only touching, but very easy on the ears and I have to say, I added it to my own Spotify list. The voice Shiest has is very well matched with his instrumentals. Truly well done Shiest!

Second Pick: Memory Lane by 36Casso

Well I honestly can say, this song is another one which made my Spotify playlist automatically. amazing instrumental and a true display of amazing lyricism and talent in the voice. Very strong song you have here 36Casso Bravo.

Listen to this album now on Spotify!


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