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Upcoming Cannabis Legalization in Canada

Written by on 13/06/2018

Current state of cannabis legislation in canada

In Canada, we have seen the battle of legalizing cannabis for public consumption, let alone medically legalized. Now that Canada uses medical cannabis, we are looking into the horizon for total legalization. So what does this mean? Well, this is what I want to address in this article. So first and foremost, we will start in 2 High Media’s  home province, Ontario. I will go through each province and territory in Canada, as each of these have their own respective policies and laws that are to take effect July 1st of 2018.


In Ontario, we will get to see the following take effect as of July 1st, 2018 (just two months away). With the legalization in Ontario, the purchaser will be nineteen, just as liquor laws and smoking laws already are at, following the lead. Where will you be able to buy marijuana for recreational use? Well,in Ontario, we have the options of ordering from online websites or buying in a retail store. One of the first four stores will be in Toronto. The name of the store is, “Ontario Cannabis store”. With this being said, you will be permitted to purchase up to thirty grams of marijuana. Now, that applies for carrying as well, which limit for public carrying is thirty grams as well. Stores opening in Ontario will lead to forty of them being open in 2018. That number will increase to one hundred fifty stores by 2020. No worries if you are not near one, as there is a website that you will be able to order on. For recreational marijuana, the restrictions apply of smoking it will apply to anywhere public. If you are caught smoking in public (Marijuana) you may be fined up to one thousand dollars Canadian for the first offence and up to five thousand for anything afterwards. Although you are permitted on you porch/balcony, or inside pending landlord permissions or if you own the home. For growing your own, you are permitted up to four plants, if landlord gives permissions, if you rent, or without the permissions, if you are a home owner. Recreational marijuana is illegal at the workplace as well, however, the use of medical marijuana may have different rules. For drivers, it is illegal for any driver to be operating their vehicle under the influence of marijuana and is treated similarly to a D.U.I. If caught driving under the influence of Marijuana, their consequences are as follows: immediate license suspension, “financial penalties” (I believe they mean fines or tickets), possibility of having vehicle impounded, possible jail time and/or possible criminal record.

The police have a roadside test for pulled over drivers for those who they believe to be under the influence with an oral fluid screening device. Also for drivers under the age of 21 with the driving under the influence of marijuana, there is a zero tolerance.

That covers a general idea of what Ontario is looking like for cannabis legalization for recreational use.


For Alberta, The legal Purchasing age is at eighteen, just as the liquor and smoking purchasing age is. if you appear under twenty-five, they will ask for legal identification, just as it is with alcohol and tobacco products. in ability to purchase marijuana, there will be private stores, along with online sales via Alberta government. smoking marijuana in Alberta has its own restrictions as well. it is restricted the same as smoking tobacco products, with some other limitations as well which include: pools, splash pads, outdoor theatres, hospital property, skateboarding parks, outdoor sports arenas and fields along with playgrounds or motorized vehicles (Excluding RV’s if not being driven). marijuana consumption also is exempt from marijuana retail outlets, in other words, you cant smoke marijuana there either. Some additional places may be added, pending the municipal by-laws. in Alberta, you can grow up to 4 plants, within landlord permissions if renting. adults can also carry up to Thirty grams. If you are under the age of 18 and posses five grams or less, will not get a criminal charge, but, seizure of the marijuana on hand, notification of the parents or guardians and other penalties similar to possession of tobacco or alcohol. For driving while under the influence of marijuana, the police will be treating it like a D.U.I. for alcohol.

that is the summarized laws pertaining to Alberta.

Newfoundland and Labrador:

for newfoundland and Labrador, the legal purchasing aligns with alcohol, at age nineteen. with the use of marijuana, it is restricted to private residences.

Sadly, I could not find more for Newfoundland on their government website regarding, growth, driving laws, where to buy or anything else related at this time.

Nova Scotia:

To be able to purchase marijuana in Nova Scotia you must be nineteen or older in alignment with tobacco and alcohol purchasing. there will be twelve stores, that they have listed, two of which, are in Halifax. with the purchasing, you may also go online, of which, upon delivery of product you must present identification. the things that will be available in stores and online include; Fresh marijuana, dried marijuana, cannabis oils and marijuana seeds along with some accessories, which no detail was stated. it will be considered a criminal offence if you sell accessories or marijuana to anyone under the age of nineteen. storefronts are not permitted to have marijuana (medical or recreational) will be considered an offence. the use of marijuana or being under the influence of it will be treated in line with alcohol, so no driving under the influence, and it must be stored in a sealed container and out of reach of the driver and can not be ready for use. to smoke marijuana, it will be following the existing smoke-free places act. also municipal by laws may also have additional restrictions. marijuana use is permitted in private residences. if you rent, the landlord holds the authority to either allow or ban the use in the apartments/condos they rent out. the legal carry limit is going to be up to thirty grams. there will be no restrictions for amount of marijuana in your home, however they suggest to take care of how you store it, especially around children and pets. you are permitted to grow up to four plants in your dwelling home, however, any amount above can be reacted to with penalizations, which vary based on how many plants above the legal limit in the household possession. the medical marijuana laws are separated from the recreational.

This is all the information I have gathered from the Nova Scotia government website.


The legal age to purchase in Saskatchewan will be nineteen for recreational marijuana. The driving under the influence laws are in line with the current alcohol laws for driving. Public consumption will be strictly prohibited. Minors who are possessing more than five grams will be treated and enforced as stated in the youth criminal justice act. For minors carrying under 5 grams will result in seizure of the marijuana and ticketing. for growing, Saskatchewan is following suit with a limit of four plants per household.

that’s is what the government website has on their list.

Northwest territories:

Within the northwest territories it is required you be 19 years of age to purchase cannabis and must present some form of identification. one adult is permitted to gift marijuana to another over the age of 19. some cities may not have marijuana used in their sales will be given to people who are intoxicated. No supplying minors. For driving with cannabis in your system, it will be treated the same as driving under the influence of alcohol. no use of marijuana in public or workplaces.

British Columbia:

to buy marijuana in british Columbia you will need to be nineteen years of age. adults above the legal age are able to carry up to thirty grams. marijuana use is banned in the same places as smoking and vaping with additions of anywhere children are frequently visiting, ex; sports fields, public outdoor pools and etcetera. use of marijuana is prohibited in vehicles and on school grounds. adults can grow up to four plants per household. if the household is a day-care, the growing of marijuana is banned. any plants you grow also must not be within sight of any public space. to smoke marijuana in an apartment, it is up to the tenant and landlord to negotiate that possibility. driving under the influence of marijuana is treated the same as driving under the influence of alcohol.

that is the changes and laws for British Columbia.


You must be nineteen or older to buy marijuana and requires consumption of marijuana in the retail store. no sales made for marijuana outside of the designated retailers. o purchase of marijuana from another person unless permitted by the MLLC. no providing someone who is already intoxicated with marijuana. there is no growing cannabis in Manitoba. no one under the age of nineteen is permitted to consume or purchase marijuana. no use of fake identification. no supplying an under aged person with identification to attempt purchase of marijuana or enter a age restricted marijuana store. absolutely no giving or receiving gifts of cannabis. no operating or transporting marijuana in a boat, without it being put in a compartment of which is closed. sale of marijuana in a retail shop on sunday may vary as per municipal by-laws.

that is what the government website has provided in regards to the cannabis act.


in quebec, you must be 18 to purchase marijuana. there is a zero tolerance policy for growing. there also is a zero tolerance policy for driving under the influence of marijuana. you are considered to be under the influence for up to four hours after consumption. drivers can not refuse to take a saliva roadside test. smoking restrictions that are already in place, also affects the consumption of marijuana.

this information I have gathered was through the montreal times.

New Brunswick:

in new Brunswick you need to be nineteen years old to purchase marijuana for recreational purposes. in a private home, cannabis must be stored in a locked room or locked container. a person over nineteen, may carry up to thirty grams. persons under nineteen are not permitted to enter any cannabis shop even if accompanied by an adult over nineteen. consumption of cannabis is prohibited in public. driving under the influence of marijuana is ruled the same as driving under the influence of alcohol.

these are the laws and policies I have seen in the government website.


This area seems to have no information on its website.


in the Yukon you must be nineteen years of age to purchase marijuana. al0ong this note, the carry limit for the area is up to thirty grams. anyone under the age of nineteen are not permitted to, consume, purchase, or gift marijuana. to grow marijuana there is a limit of four plants per household for personal use only. private houses and adjoining property, if owner permits, are able to consume marijuana indoors.

these are all the laws posted in the Yukon government website.

This article was researched over a period of time and is accurate to the current date. the sources of he information I have provided for this article are provided below:

Sources for our information:

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